Ukrainian university revokes residency permits for over 350 Indian students


In another setback for medical students continuing their studies at Ukrainian universities, the Dnipro State Medical Academy canceled the temporary residence permits of more than 350 Indian students for late payment of fees, documents show.

The medical institution, located in Dnipro, eastern Ukraine, had set a deadline for fee payment as September 29, 2022, after which it compiled a list of students who failed to pay the amount required or whose payment the University has not received. The list included Indian and international students studying at Dnipro Academy.

Some students claim to have paid the fees on time, but they were not received by the universities due to issues beyond their control.

“We know of many students who paid the fees on time, but problems with SWIFT payments due to the war in Ukraine may have led the Dnipro academy to not receive them on time,” Keyur said. Karetiya, an MBBS student who had to return to India due to the cancellation of his residence permit.

Alternate routes are convenient

The war between Russia and Ukraine led more than 20,000 Indian students to leave the latter between February and April, but many attempted to return to the war-torn country to complete their studies as National Medical Commission ( NMC), the Indian regulator. which oversees medical education and professionals, allowed online courses only for theory and not for practical work or clinical training for students from countries like Ukraine and China. Countries like Hungary, Moldova and Poland have become alternative routes for Indian students to reach Ukraine, but Dnipro Academy rules have proven costly for those who take this chance.

“After the university asked us to leave, we left Ukraine through the Hungarian border from where we traveled to Budapest and took a flight back to India. We had to leave as soon as our residence permits were canceled otherwise we would have had to pay a fine,” said Shubham Kushvah, who says he paid his fees on September 28, who arrived at the university on October 4.

Students prepare to renew their license

Many Dnipro Academy students whose permits have been revoked remain in India and now have to travel to Delhi for renewal.

“I will go to Delhi for my license renewal in 10-15 days after which I will decide to fly to Ukraine depending on the cheaper flights,” said Karetiya, who has been reinstated at the university. although his residence permit is essential. to re-enter the Eastern European country.

The situation is also unique to Dnipro Academy since students from other medical institutions said they had not encountered such a rule. The students told the Free Press Journal that any action for late payment of fees is initiated after 6 months from the set deadline.

Indian Embassy issues second notice within a week

The university’s decision also comes amid the Indian Embassy’s second notice in a week asking its citizens to “leave Ukraine by all available means”.

“Following the advice issued by the Embassy on October 19, 2022, all Indian citizens in Ukraine are advised to leave Ukraine immediately through available means. Some Indian nationals have already left Ukraine under a previous notice. They can contact the embassy on the following numbers for any guidance or assistance if needed to get to the border: +380933559958, +380635917881, +380678745945. They can refer to the embassy website for avoidable border crossing options,” said the notice from the Indian Embassy in Kyiv, which previously warned Indian nationals against deterioration. of the security situation in Ukraine.

Students contradict opinions

The students say that these opinions are not based on the reality on the ground and have instead asked the embassy to help them.

“We asked the embassy to help us, but they argued that these are rules imposed by the university. Since we are already in the country, they should have helped us instead of issuing notice after notice,” said said a Dnipro medical student, who did not wish to be named.

Videos and images have gone viral in recent days showing drones flying directly over urban infrastructure in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv, while Russia has accused Ukraine of drone strikes on its Black Sea fleet in Crimea.

The students say that although there are fewer people on the streets in Dnipro, which has been the target of missile strikes resulting in civilian deaths, the situation is relatively safe.

“We were living in a hostel and the situation was relatively safer than before, but the number of people on the street is still less,” Karetiya said.


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