Rod Hickman is running for Senate seat


NOXUBEE COUNTY, Mississippi (WTOK) – A special election for Mississippi Senate District 32 is in a few weeks.

Rod Hickman is just one of 9 candidates vying for this seat.

“I always knew I would live a life of service,” said Rod Hickman, District 32 candidate.

Rod Hickman is originally from Macon, Mississippi.

He is a professor of law at Tougaloo College and Mississippi University for Women, a part-time attorney for Noxubee County, and has his own law firm.

Hickman said when the District 32 headquarters opened, he felt it would be a perfect fit.

“I want to represent every county that makes up District 32. I want to represent the four counties as strongly as any county. Second, I want to make sure I am visible in every riding. I want to make it happen. I need to know the needs of the people. It is important for me to know what people need because it is not a position that is me as a representative position. I represent the people. So one of the things that I would absolutely love to do is get into one of these counties, see what the needs of the people are and make these things happen, ”Hickman said.

Hickman said he wanted more investment in education, infrastructure innovation and keeping rural hospitals open in District 32.

“In the Senate, I would be one voice among the rest of the senators, so I think you have to be able to collaborate with others, work well even across the aisle because it’s a legislative body not only a voice. So my thing is to bring attention to those and come up with some innovative ideas on how we can pass laws that move us forward towards the things that I’m looking to make happen, ”Hickman said.

Hickman said he has the experience, training and knowledge to represent District 32. Everything he said voters should consider when considering candidates.

“It is vital and important that you have someone there who understands the law-making process. I am a practicing lawyer and therefore I know what should go in the law, I know the difference a word can make in a law. So I think it’s very important that not only do you vote, but that you take the candidates and their qualifications for this job very seriously, ”Hickman said.

Hickman said he had knocked on 3,000 doors since announcing his candidacy and expected to reach 7,000 by by-election night.

Candidates for the seat with Hickman are WJ Coleman, Stan Copeland, James Creer, Justin Curtis Creer, Minh Duong, Kim Houston, Keith Jackson and Bradley Joseph Sudduth.

The deadline to register to vote is Monday October 4.

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