MDE In partnership with the company to offer free courses to students


PINE BELT Miss (WDAM) -. The Ministry of Education Mississippi State aims to meet the learning loss caused by the pandemic.

MDE is in partnership with a company called paper.

Paper offers tutoring 24/7 online access for students.

“Students can log on at any time they need and get access to any subject they are looking for help in a language they need,” said CEO Philip Cutler Paper. “English, French, Spanish, Mandarin … It is available around the clock. »

Paper employs domain experts. Tutors do not teach the program, but are there to help students understand.

“We have nothing to do with what is taught in schools,” said Cutler. “It’s really the teacher in class. We are just here to answer questions that students come, you know, they hit a roadblock, is there someone who is there when they need to help them get pasted “.

MDE said set aside $ 10.7 million for the partnership. It began on 1 March this year and goes until 30 September 2024.

“Tutoring services that will be offered that are available to all students three to 12 in our public schools and five of our allowable charter schools are tutoring services that are free, they are on request and are also with a live tutor “, said MDE associate State Superintendent Dr. Marla Davis. “They are not a machine. »

MDE said that this service is revolutionary for students throughout the state of Mississippi.

“And another thing that also made it … I’ll just call a game changer … there is often times when you work with someone, and they say something that is phenomenal you or they provide a technique you … you want to make sure you stick to … they have the ability to really new in the platform and enter the session and all notes of this tutoring session “said Davis.

The tutoring service is offered to all districts of the public schools of the State chose to.

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