Keeping the Bobcats Informed, May 25, 2022


Enjoy the great outdoors and physical activity this summer

If you’re staying near southeast Ohio, there are countless options to stay active and explore. Hike through the Hocking Hills, bike the Hockhocking Adena Bike Trail, swim or rent kayaks at Strouds Run State Park, or mountain bike the Baileys Trail System. You need this AC, but you are not taking a course this semester? Get your summer membership with Ping Rec Center.

Found a nice place? Share your adventures with us and tag @BobcatWellBeing on IG!

Speaking of wellness…

… Let’s talk about how you can take care of your mental health. WellTrack, a self-guided interactive therapy app, is available to students during the summer. This app can help you monitor your moods, learn how to manage stress, and provide a zen room to relax wherever you are.

Productive summer goals

Give back to your community

Looking for a way to get involved this summer? GivePulse is an online platform that connects you with volunteering and internship opportunities – some even offer stipends.

Improve your academic skills

Ready to improve your performance in the classroom? Academic help is available all summer through the Academic Success Center.

Bobcats helping the Bobcats

At OHIO, we support each other to make sure all Bobcats succeed. Students who struggle to meet their basic needs cannot succeed in the classroom. Here are some warning signs that you or a friend may be experiencing food or housing insecurity:

  1. Sleep deprivation or falling asleep during class.
  2. Difficulty concentrating or focusing.
  3. Poor health, diet or personal hygiene.

Fortunately, OHIO can help. Discover the services available for all Bobcats.

ILO technical advice

Goodbye DUO and hello Azure MFA!

Become an early adopter of Azure MFA, the next generation of multi-factor authentication that will replace Duo Mobile. Sign up today and you’ll have the chance to have your say as you say goodbye to Duo.

Quick links

Do you miss Athens? Find a job on campus for the summer

Solve your Bobcat Cash. Find out if your money will be carried over or if you are entitled to a refund


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