Alliance Group adds Mr. Rajendra Joshi to the Board of Directors appoints Mr. Rajendra Joshi as a full-time director of the company


Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India:
South India’s largest property developer, Alliance Group & Urbanrise, today announced that the company has appointed Mr. Rajendra Joshi to its Board of Directors as a full-time director, effective April 6. 2022.

A veteran with 30 years of experience, Mr. Rajendra Joshi has led many top brands in the country and been instrumental in launching many brands and businesses in the financial services and real estate industry in the metros of southern India. Mr. Rajendra Joshi holds an MS in Physics from the University of Jodhpur and an MBA from the University of Ajmer. Having joined the Alliance Group in 2016, as Executive Director of Sales and Marketing, Mr. Rajendra Joshi, with his high level of administrative and sales and marketing acumen, has guided the company in launching over 25 million square feet of residential community. and develop more than 22,000 homes.

Commenting on this appointment, Mr. Manoj Namburu, President and CEO of Alliance Group, said: “We are delighted to welcome Mr. Rajendra Joshi to the Board of Directors as a full-time director. Mr. Rajendra Joshi’s experience and leadership have contributed to the significant growth of the company over the years. Mr. Rajendra’s long leadership experience, administrative abilities and valuable contribution to the business make him an ideal fit for this role. I am confident that Rajendra will bring more depth and diversity to our board.

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