The Lagos Branch of the Ansaru-deen Youth Association of Nigeria held the 13th Annual Quest Leadership Seminar in Lagos – 9News Nigeria


The Youth Wing of the Ansarudeen Lagos Association is holding its 13th Annual Leadership Seminar at the Chartered Institute of Bankers Adeola Hopewell Victoria Island Lagos.

This year, the Leadership Seminar focuses on the theme The quest to guide Muslims, especially young people, to stay focused and keep working for their identity.

The keynote speech by Deputy Governor of Lagos State, Dr Hazmat ably portrayed by the Chairman of the Lagos State Muslim Pilgrim Council who reiterated the importance of Muslims in influencing society with the Muslim traditions in which they learned to imitate the lifestyle of the Prophet Muhammad SAW, who lived a life worthy of emulations, he also emphasized that the youth should not forget their responsibility that the Almighty Allah created them only for the quest, there is no need to be deceitful, deceitful, building a succession plan

Mr. Ajibola Amboli Afolabi relayed during the round table that certain values ​​remain sacrosanct in which hard work and determination cannot be overemphasized.
He reiterated the importance of being a problem solver, thinking outside the box and planning ahead strategically by acting proactively, which will continue to fuel his pursuit of success.

According to him, being an entrepreneur is not an easy task given the underlying factors that could destabilize his creativity, hence one of the few ways to get rich. It highlights a setback that we know in our society, the inability of many who do not want to teach others knowledge that will be of great importance to young people.

Failure is unique to no one is known to be a waste of opportunity for experience gain, it encourages budding young adults to take calculated risks and also have the right attitude and orientation towards their basic identity.

Mr. AbduLateef Adedimeji quoted that hard work without consistency sucks. He shared his acting experience since 1999 and came out into the limelight after 14 years of consistency. He recounted how many times he was rejected, even by his biological father who reiterated that there is NO legacy other than in the upbringing and religion he gave him.
According to him, he pointed out that being sensitive as one continues to be the best at their craft cannot be overemphasized because things that look wrong will start to look great. He also mentions that being in the limelight does not escape mentorship, that as a few people he admires for mentorship and advice, they share their opinion on how things should be done well for a safe and sane environment. society

Dr. Kafayah Ogunsola. who shared success stories so far highlighting her training, the challenges she went through, early parenting failure, her mother’s death leading to a traumatic situation for her, but she was able to continue being , persistent. According to her, she recounted that there was nothing life would throw at young people now that might seem ambiguous regarding infertility, the loss of a parent, the depression she experienced. She reiterates that these experiences made her an empathetic psychiatric professional.

Khadijah okunnu is committed to making Nigeria great, as young people must come out and take the lead, we must seize the opportunity of our existing roles regardless of the status quo. She reiterated that she takes this leap of faith with the guidance of Almighty God to lead a better and healthy society as the masses have been so deprived of basic services which should not be a burden on them. She believes that her visit will also boost the confidence of young people, especially women, to take positions and implement policies that will improve the lives of our society and generations to come. Ms. Khadijah Okunnu said a move from potential to greatness is what I want to be remembered.

Engineer Mukhtaar Temitope Tijani shares his opinion on the virtues that facilitated his growth while giving faith in Almighty Allah for his goodness, he highlighted the aspect of planning, mentoring, experience, modeling, consistency, setting of objectives, motivation of vulnerable people,
In attendance were the Deputy Governor of Lagos, Dr. Obafemi Hamzat, represented by the Chairman of the Alhaji Muslim Pilgrim Council, Dr. Kafayah Ogunyinka. National Electricity Commission.


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