SolidarityNow’s “Pathway to All Children in Education (ACE)”: the organization’s new “Homework and Creative Activity Centers (HCAC)” fully operational across Greece [EN/EL] – Greece


Athens, January 24, 2021

SolidarityNow celebrates today international day of education with his new program titled “Pathway to All Children in Education (ACE)“. The program implemented with the support and funding of UNICEF Greece, started in October 2021 and has today its “Home Work and Creative Activities Centers (HCAC)” in full operation.

The aim of the program is facilitate the integration of refugee and migrant children into formal education through the provision of non-formal education services in “Homework and Creative Activity Centers (HCAC)” and other complementary activities.

The program is dedicated to education, children and their development through well-designed curriculum and creative activities, as well as promoting access to public education. Access to quality education is an absolute right for all children.

A pathway to education throughout Greece

The project is implemented in six (6) regions of mainland Greece, namely: Attica, Central Greece, Central and Eastern Macedonia, Epirus and Peloponnese.

Non-formal education services are provided directly in:

– 14 open accommodation sites across mainland Greece

– 4 urban centers (Athens, Thessaloniki, Ioannina, Kilkis),

while support activities for integration into formal education will be offered to migrant and refugee children residing in all the above-mentioned regions. SolidarityNow leads a consortium that includes the Greek Refugee Council (with implementation in Athens), the Melissa Network (Athens) and the OMNES Association (Kilkis).

Focus on education

The program is the evolution of a flexible and responsive program capable of responding to the dynamic needs of those affected. SolidarityNow, in collaboration with UNICEF, has been involved since 2016 in the operation of “Points Bleus” (emergency response centers), which have evolved into “Hild and Family Support Hubs” (wider geographical coverage, emphasis focused on child protection) and which has now become the “Homework and creative activity centres”. The latter focuses on the provision of high quality educational services to children as well as the integration of children into public education.

SolidarityNow is stepping into the brilliant path of this new agenda to do what it believes in most. Invest in education and in the prospects it offers to our children, the children of tomorrow in an inclusive and open society. Along with strong support from UNICEF, we look forward and seek, with the development of appropriate learning tools and the capabilities of our interdisciplinary training teams, to provide children with a comprehensive package of non-formal education services. . Through this, children will not only be supported to become better in formal education, but will be supported to express their inclinations, to create their own living space of expression through activities, to be exposed to new stimuli, to cultivate curiosity, to experiment, always with the help of their teachers and all of us who will be there to empower them and encourage them to pursue their dreams”, Antigone Lyberaki, Managing Director of SolidarityNow.

*The “All Children in Education” (ACE) project is implemented by SolidarityNow with the support and funding of UNICEF Greece.

**For more information:
**Valia Savvidou, communications manager
[email protected] | Phone. 210 6772513, 6970 417260

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SolidarityNow was founded in Greece in 2013 to help the populations most affected by the economic and humanitarian crisis. From 2013 to today**, the organization has managed to support and help through its activities and programs, more than 320,000 vulnerable people**. More … than 64,000 people – Greeks, refugees, migrants – were supported by our Solidarity Centers in Athens and Thessaloniki. The organization provided shelter and support to over 10,000 refugees and asylum seekers. The organization’s strategic partners are: UNHCR, UNICEF, OIM Greece, OSF, EEA & Norway Grants and others.


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