Sadaf Jaffer of NJ 16 wins education association approval



PRINCETON, NJ – District 16 candidate Sadaf Jaffer (D) garnered support from the Montgomery Township Education Association ahead of the November 2 election.

Sadaf Jaffer is an NJEA PAC approved candidate for the Assembly representing Legislative District 16 and we, as the Montgomery Township Education Association, are delighted to support her and to see her experience, leadership and background as a two-term mayor of Montgomery will develop into a new leadership role in the assembly, ”said Jim Dolan, president of the association, in a letter.

Newcomer Jaffer won the Democratic nomination for the general election in the primaries held in June. In the approval letter, Dolan said Jaffer’s skills and vision as mayor of Montgomery made her the “perfect person to move LD 16 forward.”

“As an educational association, we share many of the same principles which include economic justice, racial justice, gender justice and environmental justice. We believe that our communities and our democracy are stronger when we include voices and diverse perspectives and let’s hear from all stakeholder groups, ”Dolan said.

“Jaffer has been a connected member of our community and our school system and I have no doubts that she will embrace this same sense of community and spread it throughout the district that she represents.”

Jaffer and incumbent Roy Freiman (D) will face Vincent T. Panico (R) and Joseph A. Lukac III (R) in the next election.

The elections will take place on Tuesday, November 2.



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