OHIO Welcomes International Students To Its Campus Amid Pandemic Challenges



Ohio University is home to students, faculty, and staff from around the world. This year, 330 new international students from 65 countries traveled to Ohio and joined our college community.

In total, OHIO has 993 international students from 112 countries enrolled. This includes 276 undergraduates and 717 graduate students.

On September 28, President Hugh Sherman hosted a reception welcoming new international students to the campus community.

“I enjoyed meeting new Bobcats from all over the world at the welcome reception,” said President Sherman. “Our international students add so much to our diversity of cultures and perspectives. We are proud that they chose to study at OHIO and we are committed to their success.

Before the start of the semester, INew students participated in an International Student Orientation (ISO) dynamic, organized by International Student and Faculty Services (ISFS). These orientation sessions offer a wide range of essential information such as tutoring, university culture, and special events designed to help students adapt quickly and create a sense of belonging.

In addition, following the assessment of the needs of international students conducted by the Globalizing the Campus Committee of the International Council of Universities, ISFS has implemented many updates to respond to student feedback, including improving information and resources available.

“Due to the impact of the pandemic on consular offices, flight availability and quarantine needs, around a third of our students arrived after orientation began. For those who attended in person, there was great excitement to be back with other students. I don’t think any of us realized how much we missed that commitment, ”said Diane Cahill, Director of International Services and Operations. “For the fall, we’ve implemented targeted small group interactions, a step-by-step hiring process for graduate students with appointments, and a more collaborative social security card process with the security office. social of Athens. We want our students to feel good after orientation and fill their student toolbox with resources to fall back on as semester challenges arrive, before entering class on the first day.

Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic in early 2020, OHIO international students have encountered and overcome many challenges such as border closures and travel restrictions, immigration restrictions, visa delays and financial hardship. Led by the International Student Task Force and ISFS, OHIO and Athens community members and organizations have shown incredible commitment and support for international students through the International Fund emergency student aid, Joann B. Stedman International Scholarship Fund, relief efforts for food security, and community engagement of crowdfunding.

The arrival of new and returning international students shows their resilience and dedication to having solid academic experiences at OHIO.

“It’s all in the pursuit of knowledge. Arriving here in Athens, there was a lot to sort out – a new place, a new culture – and it takes time to learn and to feel comfortable, ”said Navin Prakash Bhatt, new graduate student from Nepal studying english. “But I chose Ohio University because of the scholarship, the rankings, the ongoing research with professors in my field – all of which matched my academic goals. The professors in my department are also very supportive. Ohio University is very beautiful, but most of all the people make it a very pleasant atmosphere. Like many international students, he suffered visa and flight delays before coming to OHIO.

“Our international students have overcome many obstacles to get here and we are delighted to welcome them. Their presence enriches our community of life and learning at OHIO, ”said Ji-Yeung Jang, Acting Executive Director of Global Affairs. “It’s everyone’s job to foster a welcoming environment where international students feel at home and enjoy equity and inclusion at all levels. ”

For any questions regarding international students, contact International Student and Faculty Services at [email protected].

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