LIFT Academy Begins Strategic Workforce Development Relationship with Cape Air, Offering Aviation Career Path and Air Flow Program



INDIANAPOLIS – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – As part of a new strategic workforce development relationship, Leadership in Flight Training (LIFT) Academy, an aviation pilot and maintenance training school in Indianapolis, will send LIFT graduates at Cape Air as part of a flow program to provide Cape Air with a pool of talented aviators to operate its daily passenger flights in their four regions of the Midwest, Montana, the Caribbean and the Northeast .

This relationship allows LIFT Academy and Cape Air to promote the development of the aviation workforce and provide better career path opportunities in commercial airlines. Upon completion of their flight training at LIFT Academy, graduates will move on to a first officer position at Cape Air until they are qualified to advance to captain status. As Cape Air pilots, they will gain invaluable flying experience before traveling to Republic Airways, a regional commercial airline that operates daily passenger flights for American Airlines, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines.

“With the subsidized tuition fees of LIFT and the direct flow to Cape Air and then to Republic Airways for its pilots, this comprehensive program will enable people with the skills and passion to fly to fulfill their dream of flying,” said Dana Donati, Director General and Director of Academic Services at LIFT.

“This relationship will enhance our pilot supply initiative, an initiative that has been a major focus for our company for the past 12 years,” said Cape Air President Linda Markham. “LIFT Academy graduates will have the opportunity to benefit from Cape Air’s rigorous training program while meeting ATP flight hour requirements. In addition, Cape Air will have the opportunity to hire qualified pilots from LIFT, where they are trained in airline readiness for each flight hour leading up to their transition to Cape Air. ”

The relationship between LIFT Academy and Cape Air builds on the existing synergies of the two aeronautical organizations. Donati is one of the few female leaders of aviation academies in the country, and Markham is one of the few female presidents of the airline industry. Markham is Chair of the Board of Directors of Women in Aviation International (WAI) and was the first female Chair of the Board of Directors of the Regional Airline Association (RAA). Donati sits on the FAA Women in Aviation Advisory Council, which began in 2019 to provide advice and recommendations to the FAA to support the participation of women in aviation.

As part of this collaboration, LIFT Academy, through its parent company Lynx Aviation, made a minority investment in Hyannis Air Service (d / b / a Cape Air) in order to expand its workforce development initiatives -working with a solid strategic partner. LIFT’s mission since its inception has been to expand diversity within the cockpit and maintenance hangars. Traditional barriers to flight training and airline careers include cost and accessibility, and this workforce development relationship aims to remove these barriers for its participants. This strategic relationship creates a defined path for career progression, making aviation an attractive opportunity for those who might not have believed it was possible before.

LIFT Academy opened as a flight training school in 2018 and quickly grew into one of the largest flight academies in the country, adding a maintenance technician apprenticeship program to its offerings in 2019. Its First students transitioned to Republic Airways as the airline’s first officers in May 2021, taking students under three years old between their first flying lesson and flying commercial aircraft. In June 2021, the first student of LIFT’s career path at Cape Air was upgraded to the rank of Captain.

Now in his 32sd Cape Air is one of the largest commuter airlines in the United States over the years, serving 38 cities in the United States and the Caribbean. Cape Air, based in Hyannis, Massachusetts, has grown from three flights per day between Provincetown and Boston in 1989 to a fleet of 100 aircraft, with more than 400 flights per day. Cape Air has been recognized as “one of the ten best small airlines in the world” by Condé Nast Traveler.

For those interested in learning more about LIFT’s flight program and flow opportunities to Cape Air, please contact LIFT Admissions at (317) 471-2200 or by emailing [email protected].

About LIFT Academy: Leadership In Flight Training (LIFT) Academy is a United States-based commercial aviation pilot training school owned and operated by Republic Airways. Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, LIFT is revolutionizing commercial aviation training, using cutting-edge, environmentally friendly technologies and training systems to train future aviators. Students receive instruction from experienced pilots, in accordance with FAA and industry standards, with the most advanced equipment and curriculum that combines flight, flight simulator, online and classroom training. LIFT Academy students train on a fleet of new aircraft and advanced flight simulators produced by Diamond Aircraft Industries, including the single-engine DA40 and twin-engine DA42, as well as the Diamond Flight Simulator (FSTD) training devices built to achieve the most realistic cockpit simulation environment. LIFT offers its graduates a defined path to a career as a pilot with Republic Airways.



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