GJHS Clowns Deliver Drug-Free Messages to Children for Red Ribbon Week | Education



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Pszanka, who is in his second year as head of the clowns, said the program has been around for a while and is even part of a larger national drug-free movement: children learn other ways naturally. , or CLOWN. The idea is to sow seeds in the minds of young children to say no to drugs.

“It’s so important, especially now with the ease of getting drugs and alcohol,” she said. “… It’s so much easier to get drugs, and our kids are curious, and unfortunately they tap into it, and I think the session media plays a lot of them as well.” “

Eighth grader Eve Mosher said it also helps do it in a fun way for younger kids.

“We try to approach it in a positive way, so that it does not scare them,” she said.

She, along with her classmate Kamry Lopez, said they decided to get involved with clowns because they remembered the impact clowns had on them when they were younger.

“I remembered that when they came to elementary schools for us, and how much of an impact it had,” Mosher said.

Lopez said, “I did it sort of just to show leadership, like to show kids what they should be and how they should act when they get older to our age.”

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