From the office to the dancing dinosaur



The agency still occupies the building at 113 NE 92nd Street (& Mill Plain Boulevard) and has grown and evolved dramatically over the years. Always a leader and mentor, Stacey has amassed a diverse team of agents and administrators who all share her passion for the care of the elderly. Viewing your Insurance Gal Agency as the culmination of her life’s work and legacy, Stacey has invested and trained many promising agents to be guides and advocates for Medicare beneficiaries after hanging up her costume for good. dinosaur.

In the office of Your Insurance Gal Agency, “Sales” is considered a bad word. Stacey and her agents take a pressure-free, education-centered approach to insurance. Drawing on methods and philosophies in education, Medicare appointments are generally more like working with a guardian than choosing an insurance product.

Stacey and her agents strive for transparency in their practices and explanations so people always know what to expect. With nearly forty different Medicare Advantage plans in Clark County, they aim to make things as simple and straightforward as possible. As independent agents, Stacey and her team are not loyal to any insurance company, but rather to the needs of their clients. With them you will always know that you are getting unbiased and unbiased help.

For new clients, appointments generally follow a similar pattern. Once you’ve settled into Stacey’s office, she’ll start by explaining the basics of Medicare to you. Next, it will outline the different parts of Medicare, the basic costs, and the 2 main options you can choose from. Once you’ve covered the basics, you’ll talk about your health needs, your doctor’s preferences, and any medications you need to cover. After learning everything you need or would like to have in a Medicare insurance plan, Stacey will break down between two and four different business plan options that best meet your needs. Depending on your situation and comfort level, she will either help you complete your application at the same appointment or send you home with information brochures to help you think through your options. Whichever way you decide to sign up, you won’t have to do it alone!

For something as complex and confusing as Medicare, it can be difficult to know what you are getting from your benefits and your agent. With Stacey and her team at Your Insurance Gal Agency, you know exactly what you’re going to get: a warm welcome, compassionate and knowledgeable help, an office full of people who love what they do, and maybe even a story. or two on the infamous dinosaur costume.



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