Free MBA for SEGI students



As the nation gradually shifts to a skills-dominated economy, recruiters are looking for talent with the leadership skills needed for the company’s future growth.

Faced with a reported leadership drought in organizations across all sectors, SEGi University offers young professionals the opportunity to obtain their Master of Business Administration (MBA) for free.

All students in the SEGi Bachelor program, except those in Engineering, are eligible for this free MBA program.

Eligible students must complete their degree programs at SEGi University and register for the free MBA within two years of graduation.

“Obtaining an MBA is a process of sustaining your career by developing skills such as empathy, team management, decision making and strategic communication to influence stakeholders from diverse backgrounds.

“There is no doubt that finding employment during a pandemic is exceptionally difficult. Many are either made redundant, underemployed, or simply out of work. Looking for a job in a struggling economy amidst stiff competition isn’t going to be a walk in the park.

“An effective way to solve this problem is to start working on adding business skills to consolidate your existing knowledge. Such an effort will help you secure a position as an industry leader or entrepreneur.

“At SEGi, students will be equipped with a combination of education, experience and skills to gain an edge over other applicants to grow their brand,” the university said in a press release.

With a student-centered learning method called asynchronous pedagogy, the learning process no longer requires real-time interaction. By integrating technology into existing programs, SEGi aspires to become a catalyst for change by facilitating lectures and assessment activities to create a more inclusive learning environment that fosters collaboration and curiosity.

Resources have been developed to support online interaction between students and their instructors, including emails, online discussion threads, live videos, and blogs.

Guided by this principle, asynchronous lessons take place on a flexible schedule where students can access the course materials anytime, anywhere.

For working professionals, a flexible study option will give them the freedom to study at their convenience and is particularly ideal for those who need to balance their work and family obligations.

As e-learning revolutionizes higher education for working adults, SEGi University’s free MBA program also puts students in control of their learning journey.

The stress-free learning experience creates opportunities for students to improve their skills and acquire qualifications to help advance their careers.

A variety of undergraduate programs are offered at SEGi University, making SEGi’s MBA programs suitable for professionals in all disciplines.

Some programs include collaboration with world-renowned university partners, such as the University of Central Lancashire and the University of Sunderland, both in the UK, and the University of Southern Queensland in Australia.

MBA programs have become essential to continuing professional development around the world and give new graduates an instant competitive advantage.

Working professionals now find online courses useful in preparing for new roles, putting them in a strong position to increase their earning power.

For more details on SEGI’s free MBA, log on to, call 03-6145 1777, or WhatsApp 011-1210 6389.



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