Bama by Distance students face rising tuition fees



The UA system’s board increased tuition fees for Bama students by distance at a meeting in June. Bama by Distance enables students to earn their degrees through distance learning technology and offers over 70 degrees.

The new tuition rate of $ 385 per undergraduate credit hour marks an increase of $ 10 from the previous year. Graduate students will see an increase of $ 20 per credit hour, leaving the rate at $ 440. Most courses are three credit hours long.

Jonathon Halbesleben, dean of the College of Continuing Studies, said high enrollment numbers and demand for increased resources were the main reasons for the increase in tuition fees.

The additional tuition funds will be used to provide support for students in financial need, increased teacher training in online education to ensure students have a high quality experience and increased investment in the academic support for distance students, ”said Halbesleben.

Halbesleben said these resources include student success coaches, career services and 24/7 technical support. Although Bama by Distance students are not on campus, the college aims to provide them with the same tools as traditional students.

Testimonials on the Remote Bama site highlight student experiences. While some graduate beyond the age of a typical student, they said the program fits their lifestyle the best.

Hawaii native Kim Eaton found her place in Bama’s distance learning master’s program when her 15-year-old daughter Angel was diagnosed with cancer.

With this encouragement, Eaton graduated from Bama by Distance. When Angel passed away a few months later, Eaton decided to start his doctorate, specializing in families who have lost a child.

“Once you get older and start a career and a family, you think ‘There’s no way I can go back,’” Eaton said. “But if I can do it, I think anyone can do it. It wasn’t easy, not at all. It was very difficult. But it was worth it. “

Carlos Jaramillo, a graduate student of the advertising and public relations program Bama by Distance, found the tuition hike unfortunate but remained hopeful.

“As a current Bama by Distance High School student from Chicago, my experience with the University of Alabama is second to none,” Jaramillo said. “If I have to pay a little more, but this gives me an even more unique learning experience at the University, that’s fine with me.”

Despite the increase, Jaramillo said the University’s distance learning program was still affordable compared to the graduate programs available to him in Chicago.



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