Why does the NEA want kids to learn to lick assholes?


I apologize for being rude, but it is necessary. You must be shocked to recognize the moral horror of what part of the largest teachers’ union in the country is doing. It’s indescribable, but it needs to be talked about.

The most effective job of the irreplaceable Christopher Rufo is simply to obtain documents from institutions and publish them in full on the web, so that ordinary people can see what kind of corrupt, racist or otherwise depraved people run these institutions. His latest comes from the LGBTQ+ caucus of the National Education Association (NEA), the nation’s largest teachers’ union, representing three million teachers nationwide.

Here is a link to Rufo’s full report.

Look at this caucus’ sex education web page.

Here is a link to the video promoted by NEA to help teachers learn to teach teens about sex, titled:

Screenshots from the video:


Dear heteronorms, “rimming” is the act of licking your partner’s bunghole. Or let the NEA-related educational website explain it to you in detail:

This poor guy is sad he didn’t make the list – and he shouldn’t have, because we talk about it all the time:

They don’t make teachers like they used to, do they?

In case the video isn’t enough, NEA’s recommended resource provides this handy document:

There is more, says Rufo:

These. Are. Teachers.

And those promoting it are mean people. They are just: evil. And they want your child’s heart and mind.

It didn’t start yesterday. It started in the year 2000. I wrote about it in The Weekly Standard. An angry couple of parents went to a state-sponsored teen workshop where they were taught about sexual “awareness”. Excerpts:

Frustrated by the official indifference, Whiteman secretly took his tape recorder to the 10th annual conference of the Boston chapter of GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, at Tufts University on March 25. organization whose goal is to train teachers and students and develop programs to, in the words of its Boston chapter leader, “challenge the anti-gay, heterocentric culture that still prevails in our schools.”

The state-sanctioned conference, which was open to the public but attended primarily by students, administrators and teachers, undermined GLSEN’s official line – that their work is only aimed at making schools safer by teaching tolerance and respect.

The event, supported by the state’s largest teachers’ union, included workshops such as “Ask the Transgender,” “Early Childhood Educators: How to Decide Whether or Not to Go Out to Work,” “Struggles and the triumphs of including homosexuality in a Middle School Curriculum” (with suggestions for including homosexual issues in teaching about the Holocaust), “From Lesbos to Stonewall: Incorporating Sexuality into a World History Curriculum” and “Creating a Safe and Inclusive Community in Elementary Schools”, in which the “Rationale for glbt integration [gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender] the challenges of the first years of primary school will be presented. »

Whiteman participated in a workshop “for youth, ages 14-21 only” called “What They Didn’t Tell You About Sex and Queer Sexuality in the Health Classroom.” If “they” didn’t tell you about these things, it’s probably because “they” were afraid of being sent to prison.

The rowdy session was led by Margot Abels and Julie Netherland, employees of the Massachusetts Department of Education, and Michael Gaucher, an AIDS educator with the Massachusetts Public Health Agency. Gaucher opened the session by asking teens how they know whether or not they’ve had sex. Someone asked if oral sex was really sex.

“If it’s not sex, then the number of times I’ve had sex has dropped dramatically, from mountain to valley, baby!” cried Gaucher. He then persuaded a reluctant young attendee to talk about the orifices that needed to be filled for sex to take place: “Don’t be shy honey, you can do it.”

Later, the three adults answered the children’s written questions. One of them inquired about “fisting”, a sexual practice in which one inserts one’s hand and forearm into one’s partner’s rectum. Left-handed, helpful and enthusiastic, demonstrated the correct hand position for this act. Abels described fisting as “an experience of letting someone into your body that you want to be as close and intimate with,” and praised him for putting it “in exploratory mode.”

Gaucher urged teens to see their “really hip” Gay/Straight Alliance counselor for advice on how to meet a potential sex partner. The trio went on to explain that lesbians can indeed experience sexual bliss by rubbing their clitoris together, and Gaucher told the children that male ejaculate would taste “sweeter if people eat celery.” And so on, the session continued.

How vanilla it all sounds today. You would have thought audiences would be grateful to these two fathers for telling the truth about how the state and its agents colonized children’s minds with this filth. But no. The Boston media, the legal establishment, and even the state’s Republican governor attacked them. After:

But will their exposure ultimately make a difference? GLSEN/Boston has the most advanced programs of its kind in the country. As Massachusetts goes, in time, so may the rest of America. Camenker and Whiteman are on the front lines of a battle that could span school districts coast-to-coast, as the powerful organization GLSEN, with sponsorship funds from American Airlines, Dockers Khakis and Kodak, supports its radical agenda as innocent under the guise of “security”, “human rights” and “suicide prevention”.

“This money is going down the drain to fund school gay clubs, gay rallies and gay conferences,” Camenker fumed. “None of the people getting the money are legitimate suicide prevention groups. It’s all these gay groups.”

GLSEN will hold its annual leadership training conference next month in San Francisco, which will be preceded by a two-day workshop teaching students and educators how to advance the gay agenda in local schools – even at the kindergarten level. – as a human rights publish. Books available on the GLSEN website include Homosexual primary education and prevent prejudice, a collection of elementary school lesson plans built around themes such as “What’s a boy/girl?” and “Freedom to marry”.

Schools surreptitiously presenting this material to students, says Whiteman, “puts children at risk and puts parents completely on the fence about their children’s sexual identity. Schools are adopting that elitist attitude they know best.”

The goal of this militant campaign, Camenker warns, is to desensitize children to gay sex from an early age and counteract moral instructions to the contrary given by their parents and religious leaders. If you protest, he warns, prepare to be blindsided and ridiculed by school officials, vilified in the press and denounced as a hatemonger and fanatic by gay activists.

Yet what other choice do parents have but to fight? “We are facing incredible evil here. It chills you to the bone,” said Camenker, an Orthodox Jew brought closer to his faith by this struggle. “The only way not to get crushed is for people to realize what is happening to our children.”

Well, these two brave dads lost. Today, what was allowed in Boston twenty-two years ago is widespread nationwide – and today, far worse has been adopted by the nation’s largest teachers’ union.

How far is too far? Nothing like too far for these sexual radicals, and the morally vacant allies they have among the teaching corps and in the media. Let it in: The National Education Association has produced material encouraging schoolchildren to lick their buttocks for sexual pleasure. And worse!

It all started with the lie that GLSEN needed to take its message to schools to make them “safe” from bullying. No one likes bullying and no one wants to be seen as indifferent to bullying. So people who should have known better allowed GLSEN in. And now look.

Is it supposedly about the dignity of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people? Bull. It’s about the total degradation of the moral sense of minor children — and adults, who should be caring for them, allowing this to happen. I bet not one parent in a thousand understands what this is really about. They think their children will only learn to treat LGBT people with fairness and dignity. Idiots. These radical sex activists would never, ever, ever be allowed into public schools. They should be driven away by angry parents who are tired of being enlightened to “safety” and “inclusion” as code words meaning “we want your kids to get as evil as we do”.

When can we have a backlash? When is anyone going to ask NEA chief Becky Pringle, pictured above at the NEA conference this fall, why she thinks kids should learn about rimming, fisting and BDSM? And: when is the Republican Party going to make a number out of this junk?


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