Waubonsee Receives Early Childhood Access Consortium Equity Grant – Shaw Local


Waubonee Community College received an $800,000 federal grant from the Early Childhood Access Consortium for Equity. The grant provides equitable access to higher education by removing financial barriers for those interested in pursuing a career in early childhood education and will be paid over three years at Waubonse.

ECACE was created as part of a larger statewide initiative to advance racial equity and meet the needs of the existing early childhood workforce. The grant aims to make college accessible, affordable, and accessible, and to level the playing field for a large population of minority child care providers in underserved communities who may earn low wages. Families across the state will enjoy better outcomes in early childhood education as more early childhood workers earn credentials. Additionally, the early childhood workforce will be positioned to earn higher income and enjoy a higher quality of life as they progress professionally, which has direct and tangible economic benefit in communities. underserved.

Anyone who has worked or is currently working in early childhood education, including home child care, and who wishes to pursue further study at Waubonse, can benefit from this grant by receiving the ECACE scholarship.

The ECACE scholarship is available for the 2022-23 academic year and can cover up to the full cost of attendance after receipt of other sources of financial support – expenses such as tuition and fees, accommodation and meals, books and supplies. Scholarship recipients must continue or return to teaching in the field of child care in Illinois after completing their degree program.

“As an institution, we are honored to actively participate in the consortium and complete this important work with a focus on racial equity,” Sharon Garcia, executive dean for liberal arts and sciences, said in a statement. Press.

“The funding will meet the educational needs of our students by holistically supporting our students’ completion goals,” Garcia said. “Students will learn the essential skills needed to meet the demands of the early childhood workforce and as a result, they will be connected to reputable employers.”

Waubonnee’s Early Childhood Education program offers degrees and certificates in a variety of specialty areas for teaching or administration. Upon completion, students will stand out to employers by earning credentials recognized by the Gateways to Opportunity: Illinois Professional Development System.

Students interested in taking advantage of this grant are encouraged to enroll in the Waubonnee Early Childhood Education Program and apply for the ECACE Scholarship. To learn more about the scholarship and to apply, go to isac.org/ECACEscholarship.


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