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“The Promise-to-Promise partnership exemplifies what it means for higher education institutions to put student success first, creating pathways of accessibility so that students from all backgrounds can succeed,” said the president of the UTSA. Taylor Eightmy. “We are very grateful for our partnership with the Alamo College District and look forward to working together to educate and graduate even more students to develop a stronger workforce for San Antonio.”

The Promise-to-Promise partnership is just one part of a strategy developed by UTSA and ACD to provide students with a more seamless transfer path between the two institutions.

Another strategy is dual admission and enrollment, which streamlines operations for all students who intend to transfer from one of the Alamo colleges to UTSA through the expansion of two existing dual admission and enrollment programs. enrollment that ease students’ transition from one of the Alamo colleges to UTSA. : Alamo Runners and Transitioning Roadrunners at Alamo Colleges (On-TRAC). Nearly 500 students have already benefited from the Alamo Runners and On-TRAC programs.

UTSA transfer student Nia Houston is part of the first batch of students in the Promise-to-Promise program, which is being piloted this fall and will be widely available to eligible students admitted to UTSA for fall 2023.

Houston thought she was going to have to work full time to pay for her tuition. She also planned to take out student loans. With the Promise-to-Promise program, her financial worries were eliminated and today, the UTSA undergraduate student is fully focused on passing her coursework.

A 2020 graduate of Wagner High School, Houston began her college career at ACD during the pandemic. The AlamoPROMISE program covered his tuition. She graduated with an associate degree in 2021 and transferred to UTSA to pursue a degree in business marketing. She will graduate from UTSA in the summer of 2023, completely debt-free. In her own words, she “hit the jackpot twice.”

“Financial challenges should never stand in the way of getting a higher education,” said Mike Flores, Chancellor of the Alamo Colleges District. “I have no doubt that this partnership will be transformative for countless AlamoPROMISE students as they continue on their path to higher education. Through this partnership, we are not only making education free, but we are continuing to guide our students to success so they can thrive with well-paying, high-demand jobs.

About 75% of Alamo college students transfer to four-year universities to complete their education. The majority of those who transfer register with UTSA. On average, the freshman retention rate for UTSA transfer students from Alamo colleges is 85% and the average time to graduation is 2.7 years.

Together, the new Promise-to-Promise partnership strengthens the collaborative student support system at partner institutions and will ultimately help thousands of students save money and reduce the time it takes to earn a bachelor’s degree.

For more information and eligibility details, visit utsa.edu/alamo or alamo.edu/utsa.

The 2022 expanded transfer agreement between UTSA and CDA builds on an agreement signed in 2018 that established a formal transfer partnership between the two institutions and created the On-TRAC program. The UTSA Transfer and Transition Student Success Services office was established to work directly with ACD to oversee the On-TRAC program as well as the existing Alamo Runners program which began in 2015 as a result of a Title V collaborative grant from the US Department of Education. . UTSA and ACD first established a formal partnership in 2010 with an enrollment agreement. UTSA has an admissions counselor housed on the campuses of San Antonio College and Northwest Vista College. The 2022 expanded transfer agreement adds the seamless three-tier transfer program and AlamoPROMISE partnership at UTSA Bold Promise to the institutions’ mutual commitment to its dual-admission students.

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