UP Govt’s Free Phones, Tablets for Students Building Surveillance, Privacy Breach: AISA



The government of Uttar Pradesh has put in place a monitoring and control structure on behalf of the distribution of cell phones and tablets to students, says the Indian Student Association (AISA). In a letter to the UP state committee, the association claimed that students who received the devices found a “This device is not private” notification.

According to AISA, the government led by Yogi Adityanath has configured all phones / tablets to give all data to the government and the owners of the devices have not been asked for any permission to change the settings of phones and tablets.

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The AISA opposed the alleged government surveillance and control of the BJP saying, “Do you know that the UP government, in the name of distributing cellphones and tablets to students in the state, is building a monitoring and control structure? AISA opposes this Pegasus governance model and demands that the configuration of oversight and control be immediately removed, ”the association wrote.

The government configured student phones through UPDESCO, which is a “total violation of privacy,” says AISA. With the help of UPDESCO’s IT administrator, the government accesses the call history of student data usage, browsing history, apps, device location and company details, adds the letter. Up to 1 crore of students will receive the devices and the government intends to access the behavioral models of each of the students, he added.

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The student outfit also highlighted the Pegasus and Bhima Koregaon spyware cases. According to them, the spyware scandal put citizens’ privacy at risk, and Bhima Koregaon activists who were arrested saw their phones targeted by Pegasus, and alleged evidence was placed on their device. “It is in this context that we need to understand what the government from BJP to UP is doing with the students receiving digital gadgets,” the letter read. Setu application.

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