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HAGÅTÑA (The Guam Daily Post) – Another $ 4.2 million in federal funds will be provided to students at the University of Guam this academic year.

While the amounts for each student enrolled in the current Fanuchånan semester (August-December) are still being determined, students can expect $ 475 to $ 775 depending on their enrollment – part-time vs. full-time – and of Pell scholarship status, according to Jonas Macapinlac, Director of Marketing and Communications at UOG.

This will be the fourth direct grant paid to students.

“Since the start of the pandemic, UOG has distributed $ 6.5 million from the Federal Emergency Fund for Higher Education or HEERF directly to students by check or direct deposit,” he said. declared. “This academic year, we will distribute an additional $ 4.2 million in HEERF through direct grants and through our UOG Cares emergency grant based on need.”

Last semester, Fañomnåkan 2021, UOG distributed $ 2.3 million to 3,061 students, each of whom received between $ 436 and $ 873 depending on their status and eligibility for the Pell scholarship.

The UOG Cares initiative is one of the ways the University of Guam has tried to support students pursuing higher education during the Covid-19 pandemic. The school also offers online and in-person classes, with some classes being offered as hybrids.

Joyce Martin, 21, is majoring in social work at the University of Mangilao. She said she enjoys the interaction of in-person learning, but also admits that online classes are convenient as she doesn’t have to worry about driving in traffic jams to get to class.

“I have a face-to-face class,” she says. “Sometimes it’s nice to go out and interact with real human beings.”

She was recently on campus to use the RFK Library, an area in which the UOG administration has gone to great lengths to ensure that it is cleaned regularly and disinfected to keep the university community safe.

Cost reduction

As part of the UOG Cares initiative, financial assistance has helped reduce the cost of education for the current semester. Qualified students were able to benefit from a direct grant or the UOG Cares Emergency grant program.

As part of the UOG Cares initiative, financial assistance has helped reduce the cost of education for the current semester. Qualified students were able to benefit from a direct grant or the UOG Cares Emergency grant program.

“We created the UOG Cares Initiative, which provides financial aid, academic support and health and wellness support to UOG students during the pandemic,” said Jonas Macapinlac, director of marketing and UOG communications.

“We have also given tuition fee discounts and removed the institutional part fees to provide our students with additional financial relief,” Macapinlac said.

Adapting to the pandemic

Academic support has been extended to students who have been welcomed back into in-person instruction after a pandemic period brought on by distance learning.

“At the start of the pandemic, all classes were moved entirely online. However, this semester we have welcomed students back to face-to-face classes while providing options for online and hybrid classes, ”said Macapinlac. “Tools like Zoom, Big Blue Button, MS Teams and many more have been used to teach lessons, and we have increased resources for students and faculty using our learning platform. online Moodle. We have also organized training sessions on the use of these tools and e-learning in general.

As part of the UOG Cares initiative via HEERF funding, an enhanced e-learning infrastructure to meet the demands of learning outside the classroom with Mi-Fi devices for students needing a broadband internet connection at home.

On campus, the university has created several “green zones” to provide students with high-speed Internet access and secure, sanitized spaces for studying.

To further support learning, UOG offers student-run tutoring services, the Deal Writing Center, and the Mathematics tutor Lab.

“For English, students are assessed and assigned to tutors and referred to the writing center to help them improve their skills. We also offer math tutoring and peer mentoring programs to our students, ”said Macapinlac.

Immunization requirements

Like many schools on the island, the health and safety of students and employees on campus is a priority, the UOG has implemented several measures.

“All employees and students must be vaccinated or have approved accommodation based on their medical need or disability, or sincere religious belief, practice or observance. All classes and activities are organized in accordance with DPHSS guidelines and UOG health and safety protocols, ”Macapinlac said.

UOG provides each student with a reusable mask. Other personal protective equipment such as face shields, gloves and a reusable and disposable mask area are also available at the Triton Store. In addition, plastic barriers have been placed in all customer service areas.

These efforts were funded by the institutional parts of the HEERF for the mitigation of Covid-19.

According to the UOG website, proactive measures have been taken in accordance with CDC guidelines and Department of Public Health and Human Services protocols, including:

• Masks mandatory everywhere on campus, indoors and outdoors.

• Temperature controls as needed.

• Increased frequency of cleaning and disinfection of frequently touched surfaces.

• Hand sanitizer available throughout campus.

• Many classrooms and buildings have been fitted with air filtration systems. Facility staff add these systems to more rooms each week.

• It is forbidden to eat or drink inside the campus. Eating or drinking should only be done in a fixed place outside, six feet away from others.

Photojournalist Dontana Keraskes contributed to this reporting.


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