Tuition-Free “Summer Camp for Nerds”


Photo: Glen Eyrie Castle, via the Center for Science and Culture.

We are taking applications for the Smart Design Summer 2022 Seminars. There are no tuition fees for the program and travel grants are available. On a classic episode of Future IDsBiological philosopher Paul Nelson spoke with host Rob Crowther of the program, calling it “summer camp for nerds.” It’s an opportunity for undergraduates, graduate students, faculty and professionals to break free from the isolation they often experience in environments where design is sidelined. Nelson explains why he likes to lecture at seminars and what students can expect. Download the podcast or listen to it here.

Different from a few years ago when Nelson and Crowther discussed, this year’s summer seminars will be held at Glen Eyrie Castle in Colorado Springs, pictured above. It’s quite a pretty deluxe version of summer camp, whether it’s for nerds or anyone else. Look here for information on the two parallel tracks: the CSC Seminar on Intelligent Design in the Natural Sciencesand the CS Lewis Science and Society Fellowship Program. The instructors are the superstars of the ID world, including Dr. Nelson and others. Pictured below is Richard Sternberg, evolutionary biologist turned intelligent design proponent.

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