The Ministry of Education will fund assistance for diabetic children in daycare


The Ministry of Education will fund after-school care for diabetic children starting in the next school year. The announcement came after the High Court approved a petition filed by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) and Nathan Meir Law & CO as part of ongoing attempts to improve the lives of diabetics in Israel. There are currently around 850 children between the ages of three and ten with type 1 diabetes in the education system. Illness is a chronic disease in which the pancreas does not create enough insulin, which is used to convert sugar into energy. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, diagnoses of many non-COVID illnesses have declined. Among them is diabetes. This is not because fewer people have diabetes, but fewer people getting tested. In fact, the coronavirus has been shown to increase the risk of diabetes. The virus attacks cells in the pancreas, interfering with the process of creating insulin, which can lead to type 1 diabetes. The Department of Education provides assistance to children with diabetes in schools, but so far these children were unable to participate in after-school programs. This means that parents had to either pay for a babysitter themselves or leave work early to care for their child at home. This funding means that parents can take care of their diabetic child throughout the working day without having to incur additional expenses. Approval of this petition will provide them with the care they need.

This is a victory for JDRF and the families of children with diabetes who have fought for years to end discrimination against children with diabetes.Aaron Reich contributed to this report.


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