The Kalispell Education Foundation funds the “Big Ideas”


The Kalispell Education Foundation has awarded $ 26,687 in Great Ideas Grants to help teachers and counselors fund projects and equipment to enrich the classroom experience at Kalispell Public Schools.

Thanks to the community support the foundation received this year, 19 of the 24 grant applications were funded, according to Kalispell Education Foundation Executive Director Dorothy Drury.

Several projects this year have focused on the mental health, well-being and collaboration of students in addition to academics.

Rankin Elementary Principal Merissa Murray received a grant of $ 1,989 for classroom “calm kits” to help students identify emotions such as anxiety and healthy socio-emotional responses to self-regulation. . A grant of $ 1,300 was made to the Kalispell Public Schools Director of Special Education Sara Cole’s Project Proposal, “Yoga for Teachers and Teens”. The grant will fund a yoga class with the aim of helping potentially overwhelmed staff and students to slow down, pay attention to their bodies and emotions through guided movements and breathing with an emphasis on practices mindfulness.

At Peterson Elementary, counselor Allyson Jones received funding of $ 1,443 to purchase updated technology to increase student access to a counseling program where she teaches weekly interactive classes and tools related to life. ‘socio-emotional learning and school preparation.

“In today’s world with broken families, tough economic times and Covid-19, mental health issues are increasing rapidly, and by offering a more intensive program, we hope to reach every student through weekly classes of counseling skills, ”Jones said of the project. need in their grant application. “In our community alone, we have suffered great losses of students and adults by suicide. These whole-class lessons will provide students with skills and tools to put away in their toolbox and access when they see fit. Skills can include emotional regulation, making friends, problem solving, and career development.

Each year, staff are invited to apply for funding of up to $ 2,000.

“Our teachers go above and beyond to make school fun, safe, interactive and transformative for their students. It is an honor to support them in their role of helping their students learn, ”said Drury.

Here is a list of grant applicants, projects and the amount of funding received.

Edgerton Elementary School

Amber Carpenter, “Math Masters”, $ 650

Heather Key, “Life Skills Class Library,” $ 652

Elemental of Elrod

Heather Anderson, Chelsea Kammerzell and Nicole Fahnlander, “Making Kindergarten Masterpieces”, $ 1,410

Ryan Streiff, “Whiteboard Madness”, $ 2,000

Flathead High School

Megan Koppes, “Graphic Novels are Good for Novice Readers,” $ 1,811

Helen Lyford, “Life Skills Wish List,” $ 1,826

Stephanie McLean, “Adaptive ALEKS,” $ 1,035

Linzi Napier, “From Backyard Brains to Biomedical Brains,” $ 1,630

Glacier High School

Josh Munro, “Cameras from the Glacier Yearbook,” $ 2,000

Elementary hurdles

Melania Ames, “I’m playing! »$ 1,089

Dani Burtsfield, “Supporting Our Younger Readers – Decodable Books,” $ 1,133

Kalispell College

Annie Gustafson and Ashley Anderson, “Biomimicry Youth Design Challenge”, $ 1,928

Maggie Owens, “Discovering Electricity,” $ 701

Kristi Sanders, “Beginner’s Book Club,” $ 1,366

Linderman Training Center

Mary McRae, “Counseling with a Caring and Relaxed Environment,” $ 873

Peterson Elementary School

Allyson Jones, “Consulting with Technology,” $ 1,484

Rankin Elementary School

Merisa Murray, “Classroom Quiet Kits,” $ 1,989

Kelli Thomas, Marla Nelson, Kari Elliot, Tonya Nickerson, “STEM in Action”, $ 1,810

School district

Sara Cole, “Yoga for Teachers and Teens,” $ 1,300

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