Terra State Holds Free Tuition Raffle and Textbook Discounts


FREMONT — For a Terra State Community College student, an upcoming raffle could result in a year of free tuition.

Cory Stine, Terra State’s senior vice president of innovation and strategic planning, said the college will hold its free tuition raffle the first week of August.

Stine said every student enrolled in 12 or more credit hours of fall courses by July 31 will automatically be eligible for one year of free tuition, through a Terra Foundation scholarship, for semesters fall 2022 and spring 2023.

The scholarship will be worth up to $5,000.

Stine said the raffle is an effort to increase Terra State’s fall enrollment.

The college’s goal is to enroll 2,218 students this fall, with a full-time equivalent (FTE) student count of 563.3.

This would represent a 10% increase over Terra State’s final fall 2021 enrollment count.

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So far this summer, 1,204 students have enrolled in fall 2022 classes, down about 35 students from the same time last year, Stine said.

“At this point, I’m still confident,” Stine said of Terra State hitting its 10% enrollment goal.

Based on feedback from academic advisors and college admissions staff, Stine said there is still a lot of uncertainty among students as they consider enrolling in courses, with inflation and rising gas prices among the factors they face outside of school.

Terra State has financial aid and other aid available for students, Stine noted.

Stine said the college has previously held sweepstakes involving scholarships, books and iPads.

The college will also offer free textbooks and access codes to full-time students who complete 12 or more credit hours through the Follett ACCESS program at the on-campus Titan Shop bookstore, according to the college.

Free manuals and extended access codes

This offer is open to both returning students and new students enrolled in the Fall 2022 semester.

Terra State has expanded the promotion of free textbooks and access codes for student success and completion with funds available from the institution through the CARES Act.

Students will receive nearly $400 off books through the Follett ACCESS program.

These manuals and access codes can be retrieved or ordered online via the Titan Shop bookstore.

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