Teachers for giving the ministry administrative control of colleges – Pakistan



ISLAMABAD: The teachers of the ICT colleges demanded that the administrative control of the colleges be placed directly under the Federal Ministry of Education and Vocational Training (MOFE & PT).

According to teachers, federal government colleges run middle, senior and senior level courses and offer a variety of subjects for both girls and boys, but unfortunately they were treated like an elementary school under the stereotype of the style of federal government school management. Department of Education (FDE).

Professor Farhan Azam, Senior Vice President of the Federal Government College Teachers Association (FGCTA), said, “College is a whole different world from school, but most of the instructions the FDE gives to colleges is the same implemented in schools from preparatory class.

Colleges are affiliated with Quaid-i-Azam University (QAU) in Islamabad and run BS courses throughout the semester system while most of the annual academic timetables and calendars published by FDE do not fit the routine from college.

As a result, there is great confusion among teachers regarding class workload, class schedule and other miscellaneous matters.

“It is a critical situation for the colleges which have always been neglected.

Likewise, the summer vacation schedule observed for the school does not correspond to the colleges due to the semester system. Higher education institutions should therefore be treated separately, ”he suggested. Anum Kaleem, co-secretary of the association said: “There is a lot of difference between school and college. Colleges are not institutions that can be managed according to the standards, norms and practices of primary or secondary schools.

Being higher education institutions, colleges should be treated the same as other higher education institutions in the country. There are separate higher education departments in the provinces that deal with colleges.

“FG college teachers are highly qualified and have doctoral, master’s degree in philosophy, and other equivalent degrees to university teachers and teach BS courses, not preschool classes. There should be different policies for the two configurations. Otherwise, the only management solution suitable for all can lead our colleges to new disasters and collapse. It is preferable that the colleges are directly under the administrative control of MOFE & PT, ”she said.

FGCTA President Dr Rahima Rahim said: “Unfortunately, colleges have been relegated to their status and privileges due to the aegis of the FDE which is basically not an institution to maintain higher education. .

All instructions issued by the FDE are general, both for schools and colleges. Our institutions are not empowered; our directors face several bosses.

They are headed by the director of colleges, the director of studies and the education officials of the region. “They are not even authorized to grant more than two occasional leaves to professors. College teachers rightfully deserve fair treatment.



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