#TakeusbacktoChina trending again as Indian students await return to China after Sri Lanka green light


After a press release issued Thursday by the Sri Lankan Embassy in Beijing announced that China would allow the return of students from Sri Lanka, Indian students who have not been granted the same privilege are expressing their frustration on the networks. social.

China’s Zero Covid policy, which prohibited students from foreign countries from continuing their in-person learning in the country, has reportedly been relaxed for students from Pakistan, Vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and more.

Indian students, who have not been able to set foot in China since the Covid pandemic, are continuing their calls on social media to make their return to the East Asian country possible.

“MBBS is incomplete without practical work. Please facilitate our return as soon as possible so that we no longer have to deal with the loss of our studies. ChinaFmg @PMOIndia #SaveIndianStudentsOfChina (sic) Mominur Rahaman, a student at Southwest Medical University in Sichuan, said in a tweet.

Twitter pages such as “Indian Students in China”, which have run numerous social media campaigns to draw attention to their concerns, tweeted about using more hashtags and keywords to attract more attention. attention to their cause. “It’s time!

Let’s not stop today and keep tweeting. We are in the same boat. Once again, not for anyone other than ourselves. In the end, you are the one who stays with you and no one else. Keep tweeting and use the hashtag #SaveIndianStudentsOfChina #TakeUsBackToChina“, (sic) said the tweet on the page.

Free Press Journal spoke with some students who can take courses online, but only on certain platforms recommended by Chinese universities. “We use apps like DingTalk, a communication platform from Jack Ma’s Alibaba Group, to take online classes,” said a student named Akshra Singh who expects at least a “promising grade on the return of students to China”, so that they will have an idea if they will ever be able to return to the country.

Not all students have been able to adapt to the digital learning style as Ningbo University students have had no options as the majority of them have opted to put their classes on hold until in-person learning is allowed. “The medical boards of states such as Tamil Nadu and Kerala have specific rules on students taking more than three semesters online, which is why many of them objected to the decision to continue the courses. online and Ningbo authorities have suspended our classes,” said Bhumika Sharma, a student from Ningbo, who has completed her third year of MBBS and is preparing for future NEET-PG and National Exit Test (NEXT) exams.

Some like Harbin Medical University student Satvik Somya expressed optimism over China’s decision to allow students from certain countries as he believes it won’t be long before Indians are also allowed to return to the country. “It’s a good move to say the least that China is starting to allow students. With this announcement, I hope we can come back too,” Satvik told FPJ.

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Posted: Sunday, April 24, 2022, 5:35 PM IST


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