TaCa Healthcare launches #HumApkaKhayalRakhteinHain campaign


Celebrating World Patient Safety Day, TaCa Healthcare launched the #HumApkaKhayalRakhteinHain (We Take Care of You) campaign on Saturday. With this campaign, the health sector startup wants to remind all health professionals (doctors, surgeons, nurses, paramedics, hospital management and policy makers) of their duty to put patients at the center of every decision they make. take regarding health care.

“Around the world, patient safety is the cornerstone of high quality healthcare. Establishing a robust system for ensuring patient safety in hospitals should be the priority of any healthcare provider. Today, we have to overcome challenges such as medication errors, misdiagnoses, miscommunications, delays in medical surgeries/treatments, patient confidentiality,” said Bidhan Chowdhury, Founder of TaCa Healthcare , during the launch of the new campaign.

The week-long digital campaign will include educational short films, podcasts, posters, photography, among others. One of the campaign videos is about the fear of having surgery and how to overcome it. Another video highlights why a second opinion is always needed for any medical condition, especially surgery. #HumAapkaKhyalRakhteinHai places special emphasis on housewives, emphasizing that they should not ignore their health in any way and encourage them to seek medical attention in a timely manner.

TaCa believes that patient care has many dimensions: awareness of seeking medical help at an early stage of a disease, affordable and timely access to treatment, its quality and patient confidentiality during and after treatment, said the health technology start-up. in an official statement. All of these aspects are important to ensure patient safety.

TaCa Healthcare aims to make high quality surgical care accessible and affordable to the masses. According to the company, its mission is to democratize elective surgeries. Bidhan Chowdhury, the company’s founder, is known for cost-effective healthcare solutions in Southeast Asia, the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East.

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