SU buys The Marshall, reveals housing review findings



Syracuse University has acquired The Marshall, an apartment complex just outside the main SU campus, according to a League press release.

The acquisition decision came after a committee see again housing for the university. The committee, made up of representatives from across campus to provide insight into student life, began the exam in 2019.

Students who have already signed a lease for The Marshall for the 2021-22 academic year will be contacted in the coming days regarding the transfer of ownership, the statement said.

The Marshall has achieved many of the committee’s college housing goals, such as better aligning campus housing with “student preferences,” according to the press release. The committee found that, in an effort to alleviate the lack of prime housing, SU should look to provide more options for students by expanding university apartments and suites.

The housing strategy listed in the press release also revealed that students want the League to create community development initiatives and expand access to student services. There was no direct solution provided in the press release to deal with this desire of the students.


Although SU considered reduce or delete Housing South Campus, many students at variance with consideration of SU. The committee reported that the South Campus is a desirable location on campus for many students, as many different cohorts of students are drawn to the space due to its location on campus. SU will explore options for additional accommodations in the location, according to the press release.

The committee also found that professional and online students, as well as SU professors and staff, were interested in housing adjacent to campus. SU will seek to change its secured mortgage loan program for faculty and staff to include certain neighborhoods directly adjacent to campus, the statement said.

The review process and development of this housing strategy is only a first step for SU, said Amir Rahnamay-Azar, senior vice president of business, financial and administrative services and chief financial officer, in the press release. .

“The housing strategy is a road map for the university and will guide housing decisions for years to come,” said Rahnamay-Azar.



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