Smart Hustler: Young man in corporate attire seen selling roadside roast corn in viral photo

  • A man was seen smartly dressed and selling grilled maize on the streets of Accra, Ghana, and the photo sparked reactions
  • The man was wearing a business shirt, smartly tucked in with a matching tie and he was sitting selling his corn
  • The epic photo has gone viral on social media after it was shared on LinkedIn by Edward Asare who asked for the man to be sponsored

Social media influencer, Edward Asare has shared a picture of a Ghanaian man selling roasted maize by the roadside.

But the way the corn seller was dressed quickly caught the attention of netizens. He was elegantly dressed.

The corn seller was praised for his cleanliness. Photo credit: LinkedIn/Edward Asare, YS Graphic and Abimbola Fayomi/Getty Images.
Source: UGC

smart hustler

The corn vendor was seen wearing a properly tucked-in corporate shirt.

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He also wore a tie, looking like someone ready for the office, but his own office was where he sold his corn.

The photo went viral and drew praise from social media users.

Sharing the photo, Asare wrote on LinkedIn:

“Everyone in Accra has seen this man before. Buy him when you see him. There is dignity in work. Location: Accra Mall Spanna Junction.”

Linked users react

Viviane Heavenian said:

“It depends on its location. I don’t think I’ve seen it before. Please add its location as we might pass by. Thanks.”

Ruth Dzokoto reacted:

“He’s my friend. I drive most of the time to shop and chat with him sometimes.”

Emmanuel Appiagyei said:

“I always see him in that tie (I call it the Ghana tie) at the Spanner bus stop whenever I’m on my way to Medina. He loves his job and I can tell he will do exception if he has a better opportunity elsewhere regardless of his educational background.

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