Senator Bill White’s Capitol Report of March 10, 2022 – Missouri Senate


Senator Bill White’s Capitol Report of March 10, 2022

Legislation is advancing

With our legislative spring recess scheduled for next week, senators have accelerated their efforts to push more bills forward. I started the week by introducing Senate Bill 948 in committee and explaining the changes to probation outlined in the bill. A provision allows the Department of Corrections to use an evidence-based assessment to determine which of the 120-day shock treatments would be most beneficial to the offender, the structured cognitive-behavioral intervention program or the in-person treatment program. establishment. This proposal also repeals Missouri’s redundant post-conviction drug treatment program.

On March 8, I introduced my concurrent Senate Resolution 34 to include the Newtonia Battlefields with Wilson’s Creek in the National Park Service. This resolution was tabled at the request of US Senators from Missouri and our US Representative to mirror their legislation in Washington, DC. I concluded the week by introducing Senate Bill 1090 at a committee hearing on March 10. This measure specifies that DWI offenders must perform 30 days of community service comprising at least 240 hours of work. If offenders have been convicted of driving with an excessive blood alcohol level, they must complete 60 days of community service including at least 480 hours of work.

I am happy to report that three of my proposals were rejected by the committee this week. Senate Bill 937 changes the rules surrounding a change of venue, Senate Bill 671 establishes the Essential Caregivers Program, and Senate Bill 882 is the omnibus military affairs bill.

Lawyers attend Legislative Days at the Capitol

On March 3, several members of the Harry S. Truman Coordinating Council (HSTCC) from Joplin were in Jefferson City to attend Planners Day at the Capitol. This southwest council is one of 19 regional planning commissions stationed in Missouri.

Senator White discusses economic development and transportation with HSTCC staff members Carrie Campbell, Madelyn Wood and Casey Lewis.

Right to life advocates from across Missouri donned red t-shirts as they gathered in the rotunda for a rally and met lawmakers.

Dave Spiering of Dade County and Donna Larson and Lori Ward of Neosho join Senator White, Jacob, Mary Rose and Carolyn Harris of Joplin and Jim Smith of Webb City after the right to life rally in the rotunda.

Senator White visits Michelle Hall of Sarcoxie after her testimony at a hearing.

Coalition of Recovery Support Providers members Teddy Steen, Jennifer Harris and Carl Perkins pose with Senator White.

Senator White joins Carthage students Karlee Moss, Brooklyn Dolon-Mair, Kylie Sanchez and Morgan Polley who were on Capitol Hill for the Missouri School Board Association Public Schools Student Choice Showcase.

The Missouri State Teachers Association held its annual advocacy event on March 8.

Rep. Bromley, Linda Uselmann, Gary Biddlecone, Senator White, Jennifer Wagoner and Carlos Gumucio discuss education challenges and accomplishments at schools in Carl Junction and Webb City.

Denise Norman, Senator White, Aubry Kruse, Chrystal Boyt and Jim Wallace pose after their discussion of Neosho schools.

Jessica Wagner, Senator White and Kelly Perkin talk about Jasper County’s R-5.

Senator White joins Dr. Jon Raegan and his wife, Shelia, who traveled from Neosho to participate in the Missouri Dental Association Advocacy Day.


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