Schools are reopened, so what?


Educational institutions across the length and breadth of the valley reopened last week after a hiatus of more than two years. It was indeed a time of joy and excitement for both the parents and their wards who were eagerly waiting to enter the school premises for offline lessons as they were fed up with the long period of online learning in the previous two years.

In the absence of normal physical education in the classroom due to prolonged pandemic situations, the use of modern and latest technologies to impart education to our future generation was the only option available which, to some extent, could not be ruled out, but prolonged use of mobile phones and computer screens for online learning had negative health effects.

To develop scientific temperament, literary taste and interest in learning in students, teachers should put efforts in the right direction. They have to keep in mind that they get handsome salaries from the state treasury mainly for teaching and shaping the minds of students. It can inspire them to act wisely and perform their duties with utmost dedication and zest.

Thus, the reopening of schools for offline classroom activities has been seen as a blessing for our younger generation. Both at the administrative and institutional level, the best arrangements have been made to welcome students from the first day of school reopening. Education officials in some districts in the valley have ordered that the first day be celebrated as the day of happiness to alleviate fear, fear and threat among students, especially pre-primary students

The school gates were decorated with balloons, masks and sanitizers were prepared at entry points, and sweets and sweets were distributed to PUPIs to give them a new experience on the opening day of the school. session. The children were also delighted to enjoy the day at school after a long break.

Now, some solid questions that strike the minds of the popular masses are: would teachers help students to compensate for the academic loss of previous years? Would they continue to be vibrant as seen on reopening day? Would they bring about a reform in their art and teaching method so that their students would feel satisfied? These questions do not need to be simply answered orally, and instead some concrete steps need to be taken to get the already derailed education sector back on track.

It cannot be denied that teachers alone cannot bring about revolutionary change in the system, but rather the parent, the student and those in charge of affairs must all work together and play their part to bring about the desirable change in the sector. But a teacher is the main and fundamental pillar of this sector who can play an important role in streamlining this system. Thus, the primary responsibility rests on the shoulders of teachers to breathe new life into the functioning of academic institutions. Once arrangements have been finalized by school authorities regarding verification of suspected covid infection among students and teachers, adoption of covid-appropriate behavior and adherence to administrative guidelines, l he most important and necessary initiative is to improve the academic side of students. .

This can be ensured by taking a number of constructive steps for the welfare of our children. Developing a balanced teacher timetable in which teachers’ interests and educational backgrounds are given due consideration can be helpful in improving students’ learning levels and abilities. This should be done without consuming much of the valuable time of students who have already suffered greatly. Otherwise, due to the lack of consensus among the teaching staff, working out a timetable sometimes seems like a big Himalayan task. Teachers should take a quick look at the content of the books/subjects assigned to them in the calendar, which can help them formulate the strategy for both curriculum completion and methodology. Whenever they encounter difficulties or are stuck in the content of the books, they must exploit the available manpower and other digital sources to feel comfortable as well as for the broader interests of the students. Being continuously associated with online learning only in the past two years, our children have become rude, arrogant and immorality has also dug its roots deep in their behavior. It is therefore of utmost importance to inculcate moral values ​​in them and moral teachings during morning prayer/assembly hours can be a better option to make them responsible citizens in the future. Forcing or rushing students for any homework during academic activity can negatively affect their personality and sometimes they can also become victims of depression. Teachers should remember that children come to physical classes after a long digital learning experience that has harmed them more than it has benefited them. Every precaution must therefore be taken to ensure that students feel good and comfortable in class, a prerequisite for their productive learning. The use of negative reinforcement should now be discouraged in the post-covid period in order to hope for better results in the future.

After an online learning experience, students should be made to believe that real normal physical education in the classroom has no alternative, the overall personality development of students cannot be shaped outside the premises school, whether at home or elsewhere, and digital education will never replace traditional teaching methods. All of this can be better taught to them when effective pedagogical means are put in place and the methodology used in the post-covid era is child-friendly. Moreover, online games, crazy movies, nonsensical entertainment shows and other bad things have enslaved our children during the pandemic time. They show almost no interest in physical activities like games and sports.

It has become a matter of serious concern for both parents and teachers. To get children out of this threat, it is the primary responsibility and duty of teachers to act quickly to prevent them from becoming couch potatoes.


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