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The Round House | 21/07/2022 12:00:00

Kim Evans came to Wichita State in 1992 from Texas to play basketball and decided to make the city her home and the sport her calling.

“I loved playing ball with all my teammates,” she said. “It was something incredible for me, college basketball.”

Evans played a year professionally in Switzerland before returning to Wichita. She tries to pass on the benefits of college and collegiate athletics to younger generations as a coach. She coaches fifth-grade girls’ and sophomore boys’ teams for the Wichita Express and high school girls with the Kansas chapter of the Missouri Phenom. She also coaches junior college girls at South High School.

“I love everything about coaching,” she said. “Being able to pass on my knowledge and the things I’ve learned from the different coaches I’ve met. I’m trying to get these kids to stay active and not sit at home on their phones or in front of the TV. Coaches have a very special place.”

Evans credits Janice Wallace, his coach at Killeen (Texas) High, with sparking his passion for basketball.

“She was the first female coach who introduced me to basketball,” Evans said. “Her is where I get the most from my coaching style. Honest. Direct. Don’t sugar coat anything.”

Evans played at Wichita State for Linda Hargrove, who helped her become a more complete player.

“I was excited the whole time,” Evans said. “She taught me that sometimes I have to slow down. You don’t always have to be an aggressive player to get a result.”

When not in the field, Evans often travels to area lakes to fish for bass. A friend’s invitation introduced her to this hobby 10 years ago.

“I had my first bite and it was the most amazing feeling,” she said. “I got rid of all my catfish rods. I fell in love with bass fishing.”

In Wichita State: Evans, who played fullback from 1992-96, scored 1,488 points and ranks fifth in program history. She has won All-Missouri Valley Conference honors three times.

Evans averaged 15.6 points and 5.6 rebounds as a senior in 1995-96. That season, she recorded the program’s first triple-double with 23 points, 10 rebounds and 11 assists in a 92-78 win over Creighton.

Keep us updated on your current location and life status:

I work at T-Mobile as a Tech. I was a volunteer coach for nine years and was part of the Wichita Express organization (basketball) for eight years.

What was your major at Wichita State?
Business Management

Why did you choose Wichita State?
I wanted to be part of a program and make a difference there and in the community.

Apart from the sport you practiced as a Shocker, what was your favorite sport?
I should say follow and watch football. My newest love is bass fishing.

Who was your favorite teacher at Wichita State?

Gretchen Torlin (Director of Academic Sports Services). She made the morning classes not so bad. She didn’t let me off the hook with half an effort.

Which teammate helped you adjust to college life?
Tasha Barnett and Karen Lewis, my freshman year. Tasha helped me keep laughing. . . Daily. Lea Johnson is my best friend to this day.

What are your fondest memories of college athletics?
Tasha Barnett blames it all on the shoes. Go to Hawaii.
The infamous bus ride to, I believe, northern Iowa, Creighton or Drake, and thinking we were going to run out of food because we were driving through a blizzard. Some of the milestones I was blessed with during my time there (my triple double with my dad to watch).

What advice would you give to someone starting their sports career at university?
Enjoy every moment and enjoy it, because in the blink of an eye, real life kicks in. College athletics can take you places you’ve never been or never thought you’d go. Enjoy everything and take nothing for granted.

What book would you recommend to current students?
“Summarize It” by Pat Summit. Maya Angelo’s poem “And again I rise.”

Paul Suellentrop covers Wichita State Athletics and the American Athletic Conference for college strategic communications. “Catching Up” is a regular feature highlighting past Shockers. Suggested story? Contact him at [email protected].


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