Provide wellness support in addition to ensuring academic excellence


Mental health is becoming increasingly important in schools today, as it is part of the overall well-being of students. When students know what they are capable of and have enough support to guide them through this process, they can better manage stress, be more productive, and contribute more positively to the community.

UK schools can play an active role in a number of ways to ensure pupils’ mental health is well taken care of. For starters, creating a safe living environment is one of the easiest but hardest things – due to so many international cultures living in one space, there are bound to be frictions and misunderstandings; however, with the wise guidance of house parents and other boarding school staff, boarders can learn to live with each other and contribute to a safer and more respectful life.

These four schools in the UK have made it their business to champion student wellbeing and mental health while maintaining academic excellence – read on to find out more about how they ensure this.

St. Lawrence College

St Lawrence College believes in making its environment happy and familiar is important for its students to thrive. Source: St. Lawrence College

Founded on Christian values, St Lawrence College has provided a joyful and friendly atmosphere for boys and girls aged three to eighteen since 1879. With a beautiful seaside location on the Kent coast – just 75 minutes by train from London – this medium-sized private school is a safe and spacious campus for 625 students from over 23 countries and across the UK.

More than 180 students live in its warm, family-run boarding houses. Here, the boarding school starts from the age of seven. The facilities are exceptional; All bedrooms are en-suite.

In this multicultural community, it doesn’t take long before new students at St Lawrence College develop empathy and understanding. The sense of community and teamwork that comes from their extensive extracurricular program is essential to the development of outward-looking, confident, and emotionally intelligent global citizens.

Fantastic sports facilities are run by exceptional coaches – a mix of former Olympians and international players. Couple that with a state-of-the-art scientific, artistic and design technology center and high-performance learning, and students here have every need to excel and reach their full potential.

“The school is successful in providing students of all abilities with opportunities for academic achievement and the development of their individual talents,” the ISI inspection report said. For more information on the school that won the coveted World-Class High-Performance Learning School accolade, find out here.

Queen’s College Taunton

Queen's College Taunton

Queen’s College Taunton takes the health, well-being and academic development of its students seriously. Source: Queen’s College Taunton

Located in the South West of England, Queen’s College Taunton remains forward thinking despite its long history dating back to 1843. Health, welfare and academic development – in the form of 24/7 pastoral care /7 and student support services – are of paramount importance here, reflecting their motto “We educate not for school, but for life”

Queen’s boarding schools provide a comfortable environment for international students, who make up a quarter of the total student body. Each boarder is assigned to a day house, where they can mingle easily with external students during homework and activities under the supervised guidance of parents and assistants.

School counselors at the wellness center, medical care and full-time chaplaincy services are available for anyone in need of assistance. At the same time, all students have a Year Manager who works with tutors, academic staff and boarding staff to provide updates on their well-being and academic progress.

At Queen’s, students – whether adventurous/sports inclined or not – can enjoy a wide variety of activities such as Outdoor Education (with the Duke of Edinburgh Award), music, sports, performing arts, creative arts, Model United Nations, Clubs and Societies. Through these activities, they learn essential life skills such as teamwork, leadership, independence, confidence and resilience.

Gordonstoun School

Gordonstoun School

The Gordonstoun School teaches students to become more compassionate, resilient and responsible individuals. Source: Gordonstoun School, Facebook

Throughout the 80 years since its inception, the Gordonstoun School’s extensive curriculum – inspired by the founder’s motto “There is more to you” – has been instrumental in developing the character of 500 students from diverse ways such as teamwork, compassion, resilience and responsibility.

Due to his famous reputation as the pioneer of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and the Outward Bound movement, Gordonstoun is a founding member of Round Square who believes in teaching students social responsibility in addition to excellence. academic. Gordonstoun takes student welfare seriously – all students are assured of excellent pastoral care; they can meet a tutor for academic support.

At the same time, the beautiful 200-acre campus nestled in the Scottish Highlands and Moray Firth beaches provides an excellent base to provide both indoor and outdoor learning opportunities. From these out-of-class activities, all Gordonstoun students grow into responsible and confident individuals.

Boarding life at Gordonstoun is equally rich: with day and boarding options – full board, flexi and weekly – boarders can expect to take part in lively activities on weeknights and weekends. Gordonstoun House and seven other houses provide access to exceptional facilities such as the Sports Centre, Performing Arts Studios Theater and Dance Studios.

Brooke House College

Brooke House College

Brooke House College includes the famous Football Academy which has produced several professional football players. Source: Brooke House College

Market Harborough – or the Heart of England – provides an excellent backdrop for Brooke House College where students learn to be caring, diverse and driven by passion and purpose. This independent boarding and day school provides a supportive and nurturing environment where boys and girls can thrive and feel valued.

Every student has unlimited potential which Brooke House unlocks through a tailored teaching and learning experience. Blended teaching models and a coaching approach to peak performance help develop values ​​and practices that transform students into creative, socially conscious, and globally aware learners.

Their small class size allows for greater interaction between Brooke House students and teaching staff, and contributes to a warm atmosphere of high-performance learning. The tight-knit community further ensures that all students remain curious, collaborative, compassionate, and motivated to work towards achieving their dreams.

Finally, the deep passion for extracurricular enrichment activities – sports, arts, and community involvement – ​​means that students can easily enjoy downtime at Brooke House College. In particular, the Football Academy – established in 2008 – has seen 21 football players embark on successful professional careers after graduating from Brooke House College.

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