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Global Engineering Society, Renishawis hosting a free virtual webinar on Saturday 19and March 2022, to celebrate British Science Week and teach schoolchildren in grades five to nine how science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) can be applied to real-world industries, including engineering . The virtual webinar will be led by Renishaw employees, who use STEM knowledge in their daily work, and will encourage younger generations to consider the engineering industry as a career option. The event will include instructions for a scientific experiment and lectures from Renishaw scientists and guest speaker Dr Jessica Wade, a British physicist from Imperial College London’s Blackett Laboratory.

The webinar will replicate last year’s virtual math webinar sessions which included an introductory talk on Renishaw, helping students better understand the role of an engineering company and the importance of math and science. for industry. The session took place during the midterm week of October and was designed to be as interactive as possible with a number of activities to keep the audience engaged. Past events have included creative math puzzles and ‘spot the stats’, as well as talks from select Renishaw employees on how math plays an important part in their roles within the business.

“Renishaw has been running engineering-based educational outreach programs for many years, but we decided to change the format last year,” explained Rebecca Bound, Early Career STEM Outreach Manager at Renishaw. “We realized that engineering did not immediately appeal to all school children, but many of them have a passion for STEM subjects in school. We found that they wanted to learn more about these subjects during their free time, so we have created a set of four virtual webinars, each focusing on one of the specific STEM topics.

“The virtual webinars we’ve held before have seen a brilliant mix of girls and boys interested in all events,” Bound continued. “The engineering industry is on track to close a significant skills gap in the coming years, so it’s great to see a diverse group of young people interested in a career in STEM and specifically in engineering. We hope that by continuing to host interactive and engaging sessions, we will help inspire the next generation of engineers and scientists.

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To find out more about Renishaw’s STEM Outreach program, visit–34713

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