Parental rights contenders win across the country at midterm


The sweeping midterm parental rights victories suggest that parents want to control their children’s education, said Moms for Liberty President Tiffany Justice.

While Republicans have performed below expectations this election cycle, many school board candidates who campaigned on a platform of support for parental rights prevailed on November 8, even in the united blue states. , Justice told The Epoch Times.

Moms for Liberty has recorded victories for pro-parenting local candidates in Maryland and New Jersey, states that have sent Democrats to Congress. Several candidates backed by Moms for Liberty have won in Democratic-majority ridings in conservative states.

“What you’re seeing now are parents getting involved in their local communities and taking back their education system,” Justice said. “We are a non-partisan organization. We want people who support parental rights to win.

Tiffany Justice, co-founder of Moms for Liberty, a pro-parenting organization. (Courtesy of Moms for Liberty)

Across the country, Moms for Liberty has endorsed 270 applicants.

Defying the odds, more than 50% of those incumbents challenged and won, Justice said.

“If you look at the overall percentage of new applicants who win, it’s well under half,” she said.

The victory is even more impressive considering that the National Education Association (NEA) and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) spent $59 million on left-wing political campaigns, according at Breitbart.

The Epoch Times contacted the NEA and AFT, but the two did not comment before press time.

Victories in Florida

For a candidate running on a parental rights platform, vital issues included school policies on mask mandates, obscene books and LGBT ideology. Parents also raised concerns about school failures to teach reading, writing and arithmetic to acceptable standards.

School board candidate and incumbent Jacqueline Rosario ran for office with the endorsement of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a Republican. She and the five other candidates endorsed by DeSantis in the Nov. 8 election won school board seats.

“There is no place in public schools for woke ideology,” Rosario told The Epoch Times. “We must stay or return to traditional reading, writing, arithmetic and science. These are the subjects that we are responsible for teaching.

Epoch Times Photo
Governor DeSantis and Jacqueline Rosario at the Sunshine Summit in Hollywood, Florida in July 2022. (Courtesy Ron DeSantis for the Governor)

Florida schools need to improve education for several reasons, she added. Math scores have fallen and language scores currently average in the 50th percentile.

But instead of solving these problems, the schools focused on enlightened indoctrination.

“It’s just not good… We have to do better,” Rosario said.

“It’s been amazing,” she said of DeSantis’ endorsement. “It’s honouring, humbling and exciting all at the same time. The work I’ve done on the board is exactly what the governor’s educational agenda is written.

She advised future contestants that their commitment to parental rights must be genuine.

“It has to be consistent, it has to be authentic, and you have to live it,” she said. “There are parents who rely on you to be their voice on the school board.”

DEI blasted

When COVID-19 moved classrooms to living rooms, it lit the fuse for the parental rights movement, Courage is a Habit President Alvin Lui told The Epoch Times.

School went home; then the parents went to school, he said.

For the first time, parents saw schools teaching children a radical gender ideology, indoctrinating them into activism and exposing them to pornographic books, he said.

“When kids were home during COVID, many parents saw what they were being taught,” Lui said. “It was the first time the parents peeked into the classroom.”

In places like Maine, teachers Free pornographic children’s books and schools displayed posters in hallways encouraging children to embrace radical gender ideology.

Epoch Times Photo
Alvin Lui, president of the parental rights activism group Courage is a Habit. (Courtesy of Courage is a Habit)

Some children have told their parents that they pressure felt teachers and peers to declare that they were new gender identities. A new education rule in Maine will allow schools to keep secrets parents about their children.

“The Maine Department of Education is about to pass a rule that allows school counselors and social workers to keep children away from their parents,” says a video from Courage is a Habit.

Shocked parents opposed school curricula that taught their children radical ideologies, Lui said.

Most school boards have terms of two to four years, according at Ballotpedia. And 2022 marked the first widespread opportunity for voters to make choices since the COVID-19 lockdowns.

Local school board elections have remained hotly contested in Maine, parenting rights advocate Shawn McBreairty told The Epoch Times via email. The GOP losses in Maine are the result of conservatives refusing to support academic freedom, he said.

“There has been no rallying cry, no overarching strategy for every GOP candidate to come together as a team to expose the horrific state of education in Maine, which is indefensible to Democrats. “, he wrote. “That’s why we were crushed.”

Epoch Times Photo
Shawn McBreairty, director of special projects for the Maine First Project. (Photo courtesy of Shawn McBreairty)

A local school district sued McBreairty after he read passages from obscene books found in the school, as The Epoch Times previously reported. McBreairty eventually won a lawsuit against the school.

Elsewhere, the FBI has opened multiple investigations into parents who protested schools, MSN reported.

The New Jersey Education Association published an election ad opposing the parents, the judge noted. He said, “When extremists start attacking our schools, that’s not who we are.

“Parents are on board and want public education back,” Justice said.

Moms for Liberty hopes the wave of election victories will lead to improved academic achievement, she said.

“The people who control education continue to sell snake oil solutions, like DEI, CRT and SEL,” she added, “instead of focusing on the real problem, which is that children don’t learn to read at school.

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