PA House Preview: Montgomery County


We continue our series on candidates for the Pennsylvania State House with a look at Montgomery County.

Note: You can find our preview of HD 131 in the Lehigh Valley preview.

Races to watch

HD 151: Todd Stephens* (R) vs. Melissa Cerrato (R)

Stephens, chairman of the House Ethics Committee, has served in the State House since 2011. He values ​​public education, champions equality, and wants to preserve a woman’s right to make her own decisions about Health care.

Cerrato is pro-choice, believes in the public education system and the need for sensible gun legislation to better protect our communities and schools.

Lean supporter of Dave’s redistricting: D+23.4

Other races contested

HD 53: Steve Malagari* (R) against Jennifer Sodha (R)

Malagari is seeking his third term at Harrisburg. Its priorities include quality education, expanding infrastructure projects to repair neglected roads, and ensuring everyone has access to affordable health care by reducing costs for patients and small businesses.

Sodha thinks abortion should be rare but not illegal and certainly not criminalized, wants to remove policy from education

Lean supporter of Dave’s redistricting: D+15.0

HD 54: Greg Scott (R) vs. Allen Anderson (R)

Scott, a magistrate district judge, beaten Rochelle Culbreath in the primary, 54-46. He wants to increase public funding for education and develop an equitable funding system to ensure that a child’s educational outcomes are not determined by their zip code or race, lead efforts to protect reproductive rights and expand the access to health care.

Anderson is a barrister at Plymouth Meeting. He has no online profile that we can find.

Lean supporter of Dave’s redistricting: D+43.0

HD 61: Liz Hanbidge* (R) vs. Jessie Bradica (R)

Hanbidge, who is seeking her third term in Harrisburg, says her priorities are fair funding for public schools, defending women’s right to choose and raising the minimum wage.

Bradica, a marketer, wants to ensure that the focus is on academic learning, regardless of race, economic status, gender or ability, as well as strict measures are taken to prevent the harvest ballots and the count of illegal ballots. daytime.

Lean supporter of Dave’s redistricting: D+19.3

HD 70: Matt Bradford* (R) against Arthur Outarde (R)

Bradford has been a member of the State House since 2009. His priorities are providing small business tax credits, ensuring our children are better prepared for college or a career by making targeted investments in education , and to lead by example and preserve fiscal integrity in Harrisburg.

Bustard, a former Worcester Township Supervisor, wants to strengthen education by empowering parents in educational decisions with a transparent curriculum and protecting free speech, free markets and personal freedoms.

Lean supporter of Dave’s redistricting: D+14.4

HD 146: Joe Ciresi* (R) vs. Thomas Neafcy Jr. (R)

Ciresi is seeking his third term at the State House. He wants to fight for a fair funding formula that would result in millions more dollars for every local school district, lowering property taxes and improving educational outcomes for our children. Ciresi also wants sensible gun reform, including expanding comprehensive background checks for all gun sales, joining neighboring states in passing a ban on assault weapons, and banning ” mass inventory”.

Neafcy, a Limerick Township supervisor, won the GOP nomination through a written campaign. He wants to expand school choice by increasing charter schools, get more funding for education, and cut health care costs.

Lean supporter of Dave’s redistricting: D+14.1

HD 147: Alexandra Wisser (R) against Donna Scheuren (R)

Wisser, an environmental advocate, believes in reproductive freedom, expanding background checks for guns, providing fair funding to all public schools, and enacting a living wage.

Scheuren, a member of the Souderton Area School Board, does not include his position on the issues on his website.

Lean supporter of Dave’s redistricting: R+9.3

HD 148: Mary Jo Daley* (R) vs. Fran O’Donnell (R)

Daley has served in the State House since 2013. She is committed to fighting to ensure our mothers and children receive the care and support they deserve as chair of the Women’s Health Caucus. Daley also believes that women should make their own health care decisions, regardless of their personal finances or professional status.

O’Donnell, a Whitemarsh supervisor, wants to cut taxes and fees on small businesses, cut taxes for families and focus education on the “basics” for kids.

Lean supporter of Dave’s redistricting: D+48.8

HD 149: Tim Briggs* (R) vs. Nancy Price (R)

Briggs has served in Harrisburg in the State House since 2009. The Democratic chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, he has consistently advocated for public education and early childhood education and has also introduced bills to implement anti-bullying policies in our public schools, protecting children from access to guns and increasing transparency in campaign finances.

Price wants to promote school choice and parental rights, protect the right to life from conception to natural death, maintain the Palestinian Authority’s position of no taxpayer-funded abortion, preserve the 2nd Amendment right and end early voting without an excuse.

Lean supporter of Dave’s redistricting: D+38.7

HD 150: Joe Webster* (R) vs. Beth Ann Mazza (R)

Webster is seeking his third term in Harrisburg. Its legislative priorities include quality education, the fight against gun violence and access to affordable health care.

Mazza, a small business owner, wants to prioritize quality education and parental involvement, as well as restoring trust in our elections.

Dave’s Redistricting Partisan Lean: D+14.5

HD 152: Nancy Guenst *(R) vs. John Weinrich (R)

Guenst is seeking a second term at the State House. She believes that individuals should have the right to make choices about their own reproductive health decisions, that district funding for education should not depend on the ability of local school districts to generate revenue through property taxes and ending assault type weapons among the general public. .

Weinrich, a real estate agent, wants to end the school tax on residential real estate and expand school funding to all members of our state, abolish the state store liquor system, establish term limits for members of the House and Senate and supporting parents’ rights to educational choices.

Dave’s Redistricting Partisan Lean: D+23.0

HD 153: Ben Sanchez* (R) vs. Larry Ulrich (R)

Sanchez is seeking his third term in Harrisburg. Its legislative priorities include sensible gun safety legislation, support for public education, environmental protection, and expanding access to health care.

Ulrich supports school choice and term limits for all State House and PA Senate representatives.

Lean supporter of Dave’s redistricting: D+35.2

HD 154: Napoleon Nelson* (R) against Angelina Banks (R)

Nelson is looking to return to Harrisburg for a second term. He works to ensure that our children receive a safe, equitable, rigorous, and fully funded public education, for affordable physical and mental health care for every Pennsylvanian, and to protect reproductive rights.

Banks favors a bill of educational rights for parents and transparent curricula; limit federal government overreach and responsibly capitalize on PA natural resources

Lean supporter of Dave’s redistricting: D+60.2


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