Orange Egypt continues to provide free SIM cards for the educational tablet and offers a reduced price “Go Education” package



Orange Egypt has invested 8.6 billion EGP in the 4G -REUTERS license

Orange Egypt, the fastest network in Egypt, has announced the launch of its free Internet lines as well as special “Go Education” Internet packages for lower secondary school students to best meet the needs of students in the Middle East. use their “educational tablet” provided to them. by the Ministry of Education and Technical Education.


The continuation of this initiative is part of the State’s efforts to develop the education system and provide students with the latest technical resources that would support them in the new system.

Orange having invested heavily in its network in recent years, it has been able to maintain its position as the fastest network in Egypt, which will ultimately be a key factor in facilitating students’ access to educational resources, whether through through the Egyptian Knowledge Bank or through the scientific search engine for Knowledge Bank partners and other educational sites.

In cooperation with the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA), Orange will offer discounted 1000MB plans for just 5 EGP exclusively for students who have an Egyptian educational tablet.

Ahmed El-Abd, Commercial Director of Orange Egypt, said that Orange is taking many initiatives and contributions to support the efforts of the state in the development of education, with its tools and technologies according to the latest standards.

“Orange has always stepped up its efforts in the service of education in general and of young people in particular, because they are considered to be the most important strategic axis of the company. He added.



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