‘Notre-Dame du Lac’ begins new chapter, charting course of growth amid tradition


Leaders of the former Lake Michigan Catholic School, now Our Lady of the Lake, are excited about the future, symbolized by their name change, but focused on the content of their educational program for kindergarten students in 12th grade. At a time when many parents are looking to play a bigger role in their children’s education, Catholic school leaders believe their new curriculum and name comes at the perfect time. Our Lady of the Lake provided the following update to MoodyOnTheMarket.com:

It’s been called “a new era,” but for Our Lady of the Lake Catholic School, the renewed commitment to a classical Catholic education is a refreshing return to the school’s roots.

“The landscape of education is changing rapidly,” says canonical pastor Fr. Jean Fleckenstein. “As a private school, we have the opportunity to see what our students really need and to provide an academic and moral education. I would personally like to invite families across the region to consider what we have to offer.

Our Lady of the Lake, formerly Lake Michigan Catholic Schools, combines essential elements of a classical education with innovative programs that transform the Lakers of today into the leaders of tomorrow.


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For example, middle and high school students use a mixed reality technology called ZSpace to explore interactive 3D models while studying human anatomy, physics, and more. In the Global Trading and Finance Lab, students use cutting-edge technology for business and finance lessons, including realistic trading simulations using StockTrak software.

Beyond a traditional education, Notre Dame staff devote much time to fostering a stronger Catholic school culture through faith-infused lessons, community prayer, and faith-transforming annual service projects. students in action.

National data consistently indicates that students in private faith-based schools attain higher levels of education than their counterparts in public schools. Our Lady of the Lake is no exception and administers the Northwest Education Association (NWEA) standardized test three times a year, using the results to assess learning and drive instruction. These adaptive tests allow teachers to determine each student’s progress and fill in any gaps that arise. Last year, Our Lady of the Lake students surpassed national averages at every grade level tested.

Every student in the class of 2022 is tied to the university. Collectively, they have earned an average 3.58 GPA, received more than $1.2 million in merit scholarships, and will begin their post-secondary studies with an average of 4.5 college credits – demonstrating that an investment in an education at Our Lady of the Lake can now pay dividends for years to come.

“Rooted in a tradition of faith that has stood the test of time and in an academic approach that nurtures individual talents and passions, Notre-Dame du Lac continues to provide students with a safe and nurturing environment where they can grow. academically, strengthen their faith, and ultimately reach their full potential,” says Fr. Fleckenstein.

Registrations are limited and priority is given to applications received before August 1st. Families interested in quality denominational education can learn more at OurLadyCatholicSchool.com or call to schedule a visit: 269.429.0227 for K-5. ; 269.983.2511 for grades 6-12.

Our Lady of the Lake Catholic School is a private K-12 school accredited by the Michigan Non-Public Schools Accreditation Association. OLL is dedicated to providing an exceptional academic experience with a focus on education, faith, and citizenship. Learn more at OurLadyCatholicSchool.com


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