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MARTINSBURG – The Martinsburg-Berkeley County Parks and Recreation Board voted at its August 17 meeting to hire Bob Williams as executive director.

Williams is scheduled to start on September 20, according to the official MBCPR statement.

Mr. Williams comes to parks with over 16 years of experience in local government in parks and recreation, is a Certified Parks and Recreation Professional (CPRP) and has been active in community groups and recreation associations and state parks. In addition, he has an education that includes an undergraduate degree in parks and recreation, a master’s degree in nonprofit management and certificates from the National Recreation and Parks Association (NRPA), ”says the press release.

The search for a new executive director for MBCPR has been going on since March 2021, according to the job listing.

The search to fill the position began just under a year after the MBCPR board officially announced the hiring of Allen Corbin, the system’s second executive director, in spring 2020.

Ahead of the current search for a new executive director, Allen Corbin was chosen to replace Steve Catlett in June 2020 after Catlett announced in November 2019 that he had decided to step down.

At the time, the management of the MBCPR board declined to comment on why the position had been vacant so soon after filling it the previous spring.

Catlett, who now serves as the MBCPR’s Superintendent of Parks and Facilities, served as executive director for 43 years – the longest-serving executive director and often considered the system’s sole executive director.

Initially filling the position of interim executive director, Catlett said he was officially hired full-time on April 1, 1976 and remained the leader until 2020.

According to a previous statement, the executive director is expected to lead the department in planning, organizing and directing the activities of a full-service parks and recreation department to promote and administer public, state and federal grants, as well as program funding. benefiting the community.

“After extensive national research, our Board of Directors is confident that we have found an experienced professional who can lead our organization for many years to come. Mr. Williamss’s knowledge and experience, as well as his community leadership, will be an important asset to our organization. We look forward to supporting the leader of our new organization and welcome Bob and his family to our community, ”the statement read.

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