New application to access free period products


PickupMyPeriod connects to hundreds of locations across Scotland.

A mobile app has been launched to allow users to identify places across Scotland where vintage products can be viewed for free.

The PickupMyPeriod app is currently linked to over 700 sites in many communities where free products are available – and the number is expected to increase where other local authorities join the app.

Scotland was the first country in the world to make period products widely available for free – first in schools, colleges and universities, and then through wider access in communities. The PickupMyPeriod app builds on this groundbreaking work.

Social Justice Secretary Shona Robison virtually launched the app with students at St Paul’s High School in Glasgow, where the board has worked closely with students for the delivery of free products since the policy was introduced. .

Ms Robison said:

“The app is a fantastic tool that will help anyone looking to access free period products for themselves, a family member or a friend easily find them in many places across Scotland.

“I am grateful for the support of local authorities in the implementation of access to free rules products in Scotland. Young women and girls have played a crucial role in developing the best ways to access commodities to meet their needs and I thank them for sharing their perspectives.

COSLA President Councilor Alison Evison added:

“Recognizing the impact that lack of access to period products can have on individuals, the local government has long been committed to providing free products for both education and the community for those who might need it.

“As we consider the implementation of the Menstrual Products Act, I am delighted that the work being undertaken on menstrual dignity, both locally and nationally, continues to advance and I welcome the launch of the new one. application as a tool that can support this. “

Celia Hodson, Founder and CEO of Hey Girls and My Period, said:

“This is a revolutionary project for Scotland. For the first time, people across the country will be able to use an app to find and access free vintage goods that they can easily walk or drive.

“As a Scotland-based social enterprise whose main goal is to help eradicate menstrual poverty, it was great that our app idea was adopted, partly funded and supported by the Scottish Government. PickupMyPeriod will act as a fantastic tool to raise awareness about poverty and equal rules, as well as providing support to people who need a little extra support across Scotland. “


IOS – PickupMyPeriod Application

Android – PickupMyPeriod App

World leader in menstrual products

The Scottish Period Goods (Free Making) Act 2021 (“the Act”) imposes an obligation on local authorities and education providers to make period goods available free of charge to anyone who needs it. The law will come into full force by January 2023 at the latest and will ensure that anyone in Scotland who needs them can have reasonably convenient access to period products, free of charge, as and when they need it. Previously, free products continue to be available through voluntary provision by local authorities and through the Vintage Products in Schools (Scotland) Regulation 2020.

Building on a voluntary offer from local authorities, the Scottish government funded Hey Girls, through its ‘My Period’ Education branch, to develop an app (PickupMyPeriod) that allows users to identify places where period products can be viewed free of charge in Scotland. The app is available for all local authorities to enter their locations and so far the majority of authorities are involved. For locations not listed on the app, information on how to access free period products should be available from your local authority.


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