Library Scholarships Scholarships for Fellows 2022-2023


The Syracuse University Library Special Collections Research Center (SCRC) awarded two faculty scholarships for the 2022-2023 academic year.

Sarah Fuchs is Assistant Professor of Music History and Cultures in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

Sarah Fuchs, Assistant Professor of Music and Cultural History in the Department of Art and Music History (College of Arts and Sciences), and Doug Dubois, Associate Professor in the Department of Transmedia (College of Arts visuals and stage), have each committed to a four-week summer residency in 2022 at SCRC which includes workshops and training sessions on handling special collections materials, teaching research students materials and the logistics of designing successful missions with rare and fragile materials. Fellows, who applied and were selected by a committee, will use what they have learned and SCRC materials to teach new courses the following year.

Each faculty member will receive a stipend of $ 5,000, made possible by a generous donation from George Bain G’06, member of the Library Associates.

“Supporting SCRC Fellows advances both faculty education and student scholarships and incorporates special collections into the curriculum, which is a wonderful way to present to today’s students. ‘hui the richness of the special collections,’ said Bain.

Initial funding for the SCRC Fellowship Program was made possible through the Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation, which promotes the advancement and perpetuation of humanistic research and artistic creativity by encouraging excellence in scholarship and scholarship. performing arts, and supporting research libraries and other institutions that transmit our cultural heritage.

Doug Dubois is Associate Professor in the Department of Transmedia at the College of Visual and Performing Arts.

Fuchs plans to further develop a regularized course by exploring and directly incorporating the various historical sound recordings and playback machines of the SCRC into the educational framework of recorded sound history. Dubois will review and develop a course on special topics using several of the SCRC’s photographic collections to create a critical framework for the study and practice of portraiture.

The Syracuse University Libraries SCRC Fellows Program aims to support the development of innovative programs and foster new ideas on how to transform the role of special collections in university education. Each scholar is instructed on how to provide students with a unique opportunity to manipulate, analyze and interpret key CISC documents in their classroom, as well as ongoing support during the course.

For more information on how to support a faculty member for the 2023-24 academic year and beyond, contact Ron Thiele at [email protected] or 315.560.9419.


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