Lake Michigan College Announces New Tuition-Free Program


BERRIEN COUNTY, Michigan — A college in Michiana wants to make it easier for students to get an education.

Lake Michigan College has announced a new program, offering free tuition for incoming and outgoing students for the upcoming 2022 school year.

The “Promise” program aims to bridge the gap between high school graduates and address labor shortages in the community.

“As a community college, we have a role to play in helping to fill the gaps and address the issues. And we have a labor shortage issue that is felt in many communities similar to ours,” said Lake Michigan College Vice President of Student Affairs Nygil Likely. “So that’s one way we can help ensure that we have a skilled and ready workforce for our community.”

Lake Michigan College Free Tuition Program, Promise, is a “last dollar program” that covers tuition for new and returning students in the district.

This means that the college will pay the remaining tuition once other scholarships and grants have been applied. It is designed for students aged 24 and under. The Promise program at Lake Michigan College is capped at age 24 due to the Michigan Reconnect program. This is a state scholarship that provides free community college tuition to students 25 and older.

The vice president of student affairs said the new program was created to bridge the gap between the Reconnect program so students can continue to pursue higher education.

“If we see an increase in graduation rates, if we see people entering the workforce and we start to see this trend of shortages, where these jobs are filled and where people are thriving, then those would be indicators of the success of these programs,” Probably said.

Lake Michigan College students can take the program for up to 80 credits or six years.

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