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Caption: A proclamation was recently signed in Perry County to celebrate retired teachers. Across the state, Retired Teacher Appreciation Week will be celebrated October 17-21.

Golden Glen Hale, president of the Kentucky Retired Teachers Association and a Knott County retired teacher, signed a proclamation to celebrate retired teachers at the organization’s Aug. 22 meeting. During the meeting, Hale proclaimed October 17-21, 2022, Retired Teacher Appreciation Week.

In Perry County, city officials met with representatives of the Kentucky Retired Teachers Association on Wednesday, October 12, and signed a local proclamation to honor and recognize the work of retired teachers in that area. Retired teachers from the Hazard Independent School District and Perry County School District attended.

In the proclamation, the KRTA said retired Kentucky teachers have done many good deeds for the state, including: dedicating their careers to educating and training thousands of Kentucky youth; retraining and/or providing primary education opportunities to hundreds of adults across the state who, for one reason or another, had fallen behind in the formal education necessary for job and social skills ; and render valuable service in various leadership roles in their communities and institutions throughout their careers and continue to render such service as retirees. Additionally, KRTA said retired teachers deserve to be celebrated for these actions and more, because of what they stand for.

Kentucky’s retired teachers, according to the proclamation, represent the profession, entrusted with the fundamental responsibility of launching the careers of state and national leaders and laying the foundation for the well-being of all members of our society; represent a formidable reservoir of experience and training that remains dedicated to the betterment of society everywhere in the world; and they represent a loyal, patriotic and concerned population, which has provided dedicated and reliable support to the leaders of our communities, our state and our nation.

In addition to these actions, the KRTA proclamation says retired Kentucky teachers have worked tirelessly to improve the quality of life in the state and the nation “too often in less than adequate circumstances and for a less than adequate salary”.

Vivian Carter, a retired teacher from the Hazard Independent School district, said Retired Teacher Appreciation Week is a good time to take notice of activities organized by retired teachers across the state, as well as to recognize all their contributions to their communities. Across the state, retired teachers will celebrate Retired Teacher Appreciation Week with activities such as proclamation signings, planting trees, donating books, hosting an event for currently active teachers, organizing special community service projects, marching in local parades, and hanging banners in their downtown neighborhoods.

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“I want the world to know that we are not being fed; we are still productive citizens,” Carter said.

Hazard Mayor Donald Happy Mobelini, who is also principal of Hazard High School, said local schools have dedicated staff even after they retire. Mobelini said he had been in the school system for several years and had enjoyed his time, but said he planned to retire in June 2023. “I think I had the best life at the world with this school system,” he said.

The 2014 Kentucky General Assembly honored Kentucky retired teachers by recognizing the third week of October as Kentucky Retired Teacher Appreciation Week. The KRTA, officials said, continued that tradition in honor of the state’s retired educators.

This year, Retired Teacher Appreciation Week will be celebrated from October 17-21.

The next meeting of the Upper KY River Retired Teachers Association is scheduled for October 18 at the LKLP building on Roy Campbell Drive in Hazard. This will be the organization’s fall conference.


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