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Submitted by John Arbeeny.

The PCDD “equity policy” was developed by a group of “stakeholders” made up of almost 80% of the PCSD employees and then approved by the board of directors. On paper, it’s supposed to somehow boost school performance which sits near the bottom third (35%) of school districts in Washington state.

The policy says a lot of nice things about what it wants to achieve, but lacks specifics about how these things are to be achieved. So let’s see how “fairness” in action is achieved both within the CPSD and in other places, as a basis for knowing what to expect and how fulfillment is attempted. Unfortunately, the natural tendency of equity programs is to lower academic achievement rather than raise it. It’s so much easier to do it like that.

“Fairness” has already had a major impact in the PCSD and not a good one. President Schafer is pleased with how graduation rates have risen from 60% to 88% during his tenure. However, he fails to mention that school scores have dropped below 50% and the district has bogged down nearly the bottom third of the state’s districts. These figures paradoxically go in different directions. This means that a CPSD degree has been debased to the point where top and bottom students are indistinguishable for a future employer or college recruiter. It is an obstacle to success. Why put more effort into it when you graduate with the same worthless piece of paper? Degrees from academically successful districts will be accepted as superior regardless of the relative merits of individual students. It is “fairness” in action.

“Fairness” also extends to PCSD administrators (principals). The president of the Clover Park Principals Association (CPASP) is Tim Stults, Principal of Clover Park High School; arguably the least performing school in the district academically! Ironically, his school’s motto is “Failure isn’t even an option.” Yet the truth is, failure is a reality with dismal school levels in English Language Arts (ELA) 54%, math 17% and science 18%, attendance at 62%, and a graduation rate of 83%. ! How is it going ?

Yet Stults is at the head of the CPASP? It reminds me of Clover Park Education Association (CPEA) vice-president Filma Fontinella, who with impunity launches “racist” accusations against anyone she disagrees with. How is it going ? I would have thought that a principal of a successful school, like Harrison Prep, would be in a leadership position. Apparently the managers decided to follow the worst instead of learning from the best. Stults is also “deep” on critical race theory, as evidenced by his radically progressive letter of support for Superintendent Banner’s “politics of fairness” (8/4/21). Did all the other directors adhere to this leftist manifesto? I hope not or the District is really in trouble. It is “fairness” in action.

Pierce College

The EAPC expressed concern that the natural outcome of “fairness”, specifically involving ELA, will necessarily lead to student segregation that coincidentally ends by race and ethnicity (May 2021 update). The EAPC feared that this segregation would not be beautiful in the eyes of the outside! So apparently “the optics” are more important than the truth. Otherwise, the EAPC sees no other way to deal with the problem than by massively increasing spending on education. Why am I not surprised? It is “fairness” in action.

The OSPI recently entered into law allowing districts to reduce the number of credits required for graduation, which some districts like the CPSD have jumped on to empty their upper classes, whether or not they are prepared for graduation. life after graduation. This supposedly makes graduation “fair” for everyone and makes districts look good with high graduation rates …… .like CPSD. It is “fairness” in action.

“Equity” is at play across the country with school districts putting aside academic achievement in the name of “fairness.” A new Oregon law (Senate Bill 744) that suspends the requirement for a basic math, reading and writing skills test to graduate from high school is being hailed by advocates as a way to rethinking education standards (equity) and sharply criticized by others as a misguided effort that will hurt children’s learning in the long run. In California, Minnesota and other states, grades below 50% or “F” will no longer be used. It’s “fairness” in action

CPA Brink & Sadler

Just imagine the increase in GPAs when missed homework or poor test scores are reduced. Alternative pass / fail scoring systems also mask the underlying academic achievement of students. School districts are enjoying an apparent increase in skills (high graduation rates) even as student proficiency declines rapidly. Motivation, achievement, and self-esteem are destroyed when grades don’t matter and degrees are handed out with no value behind them. Take these students and throw them after graduation into a real world where expectations are 180 degrees from what they went through in high school and then tell me who the child molesters are! This is not how adult life works. But it is “fairness” in action.

Make no mistake about it. “Equity” sounds great with all the politically correct “awakened” words, phrases and concepts, but it hides inequalities that can only be called immoral and unjust. The proof is not in what equity advocates say or even in the way it is implemented, but rather in the actual results achieved as we have seen so far. “Fairness” is an important component of critical race theory and is part of a Marxist systems approach to social engineering. It will fail for the same reason that Marxist ideology has failed every time and wherever it has ever been attempted. It will fail by systemic design because it does not understand the key element of the system: human nature. It is “fairness” in action.



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