IITs unable to generate sufficient internal revenue, remain dependent on government for grants: CAG report


Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) have not been able to generate sufficient internal revenue and have remained dependent on the government for grants, according to a CAG report highlighting weaknesses in financial management exercised by reputable institutions.

The report covers “Performance Audit of Establishment of New Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT)” for the period 2014-19.

The audit found that there were weaknesses in the financial management exercised by the IITs. The down payment had to be revised as there were delays in building the infrastructure development. The IITs were not able to generate sufficient internal revenue and thus remained dependent on the government for grants.

Regarding university programs and research, it was found that two IITs (Bhubhaneshwar and Jodhpur) could not introduce the target number of courses. None of the eight IITs were able to reach the stipulated cumulative number of students by the end of year six, ”the report said. , IIT Hyderabad, IIT Indore, IIT Jodhpur, IIT Mandi, IIT Patna and IIT Ropar.

Five IITs did not set admission for doctoral courses while the rest had gaps in admissions to these courses. IITs had vacant faculty positions, which would hamper their ability to provide quality education. In addition, the representation of reserved categories of student enrollment in most IITs was very low.

“It was also found that all IITs received very low levels of funding for research projects sponsored by non-government sources. Thus, they remained dependent on the government for the funding of their research activities. There was also a significant gap between the patents filed and obtained by the eight IITs and no patents were obtained during the five-year period, indicating that the research activities could not yield fruitful results, ” did he declare.

The audit group observed that the existing governance and oversight bodies in the ITIs did not ensure effective stewardship and management of resources.

“There was an insufficient number of meetings held by the Board of Governors, Senate, Finance Committee and BWC in all IITs during the five-year period 2014-19. In addition, specific cases of failures due to inadequate functioning of governing bodies were also observed in four IITs, ” the report said.

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