Hochul Calls on UB to Double Research Funding | Education


This was only 18% more than UB provided for research funding a decade earlier.

Hochul has pledged $ 102 million from the state for a new university building for UB’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, an area that has seen significant growth at the university.

University spokesperson Cory Nealon says undergraduate enrollments in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences have increased 60% over the past decade and graduate enrollments have more than doubled .

The new building will be on the north campus, close to the other engineering buildings, he said. The university has yet to determine details such as the size of the building and a completion schedule.

UB is the largest of two dozen four-year colleges and universities in SUNY, and one of only seven that have seen their enrollment increase in the past decade.

UB enrollments have increased 12% over the past decade. But SUNY as a whole has seen its enrollment drop – from 468,000 ten years ago to 376,000 this school year.

Hochul wants to reverse this trend. She hopes to increase SUNY enrollment by a third to 500,000 students by 2030. At the same time, she has announced plans to expand the state tuition assistance program to part-time students. .


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