GW Celebrates Student-Athlete Achievement at Athletics Deans List Night


At halftime of the GW women’s basketball game on Wednesday night, the George Washington student-athletes who qualified for the Deans of Athletics list were honored. Joined upstairs by 18and GW Chairman, Mark Wrighton, Provost Christopher Bracey, Director of Athletics Tanya Vogeland faculty athletics representative Bev Westerman, student-athletes who achieved a GPA of 3.0 or better in spring or fall 2021 were recognized.

Of the nearly 400 student-athletes competing for the university’s 20 varsity teams, a remarkable 86% achieved a grade point average of 3.0 or higher during the spring 2021 semester, with the department achieving a cumulative of 3.5 GPA last spring while classes were held virtually. Returning to campus this fall, 74% of GW student-athletes have achieved a GPA of 3.0 or higher, with the department’s cumulative GPA of 3.29 while new freshmen and sophomores year were entering classrooms for the first time.

The academic achievement of these student-athletes is a testament to the tireless work of GW’s distinguished faculty and staff, and their commitment to higher education. GW Athletics Educational Support Services Unit, which focuses on the student in GW Student-Athletes, is led by the Associate Athletic Director Danya Elmanassisted by James Hellekjaer, Stephen McNamara, Taylor scales, Mike Davis, Julia Browneand Samantha Mele. Together with GW’s Head Coaches, Assistants and Administration, GW is shaping the next leaders of our society.

21 student-athletes achieved a GPA of 4.0 in the Spring 2021 semester, including: Simone Banen (gymnastics), Olivia Cantrell (rowing), Patrick Castellano (men’s cross country), Brendan Conley (men’s swimming and diving), Margaret Coogan (women’s cross country/track), Tiago Carvalho (men’s soccer), Paz Dozie-Nnamah (volleyball), Erin Gramley (rowing), Nora Houseman (gymnastics), Jakub Hrinda (golf), Claire McDonell (women’s cross country /track), Alexa Nealy (rowing), Tim Neumann (men’s soccer), Logan Othmer (golf), Luis Preciado (golf), Jenna Pressman (women’s cross country/track), Elizabeth Rowland (rowing), Courtney Sicinski (swimming and diving), Annaliese Silverman (gymnastics), Sophia Watkinson (lacrosse) and Olivia Zona (gymnastics).

Additionally, 22 student-athletes achieved a GPA of 4.0 in the fall 2021 semester: Anna Marie Avendt (rowing), Bella Bowman (volleyball), Olivia Cantrell (rowing), Brendan Conley (men’s swimming and diving), Haley Curtis (women’s soccer), Campbell Dopke (women’s soccer), Maddy Dwyer (softball), Maxine Engel (women’s basketball), Hannah Eslick (softball), Jakub Hrinda (golf), Rachel Katz (gymnastics), Markella Lanara (volleyball) , Payton Lynch (gymnastics), Andrea Moussier (women’s swimming and diving), Tim Neumann (men’s soccer), Miles O’Reilly (men’s soccer), Logan Othmer (golf), Maria Pareja (women’s soccer), Roee Tenne (men’s soccer ), Sophia Watkinson (lacrosse), Alexa Williams (softball) and Olivia Zona (gymnastics).

Cantrell, Conley, Hrinda, Neumann, Othmer and Zona duplicated scoring 4.0 both terms in 2021.

Professor Elizabeth Gray of the Department of Public Health received this year’s Student-Athlete Choice Award for Teacher of the Year. Professor Gray was elected as the student-athlete’s choice in a close vote that included 35 nominees and five runners-up. She was escorted onto the floor by one of her nominators, Sarah Patton of Women’s Football.


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