Get a job and free education at the same time; Intermountain Healthcare launches new workforce training program


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Intermountain Healthcare has launched a strategic workforce training program to invest in the development of its employees and communities.

Intermountain employees now have access to prepaid tuition for a wide variety of degrees, credentials, and online degrees for in-demand and future skills. Now, new employees joining healthcare systems also have immediate access to training opportunities.

In addition to courses for front-line medical and nursing staff, Intermountain offers training programs for non-clinical employees.

Since last October, Intermountain employees have had access to prepaid courses and degrees in their chosen field from the academic network of top-rated accredited institutions, including Arizona State University, CUNY, of Virginia, the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Memphis.

Utah Valley University and the College of Southern Idaho also offer Intermountain-specific courses, and other regional schools are expected to add courses in the future.

“Education provides meaningful career growth for our caregivers and is the foundation upon which our organization and our communities can build lasting success,” said Heather Brace, Intermountain’s Director of Human Resources. “At Intermountain, we believe we need to invest in developing a diverse workforce, which means providing strong educational opportunities at all levels of our organization. This initiative will help break down barriers to a equitable education by providing language, high school, certification and degree options for all employees.”

To learn more about this program for new and current employees, visit

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