GambleAware grants £ 4million for problem gambling research


GambleAware, the independent grant-making charity, is providing £ 4million ($ 5.52million) to establish Britain’s first single academic institution, the Academic Research Hub.

This is part of its goals and commitment to building diversity in gambling harm research capacity.

The investment takes the form of an eight-month grant award process, focused on introducing new disciplines to the field of gambling harm research, while accumulating evidence and strengthening the international profile. of Great Britain.

The aims of the Academic Research Hub are to significantly challenge gambling research on a larger scale, not just in the UK, but around the world. GambleAware’s visions to create a safer society, one free from the impact of irresponsible gambling, will be implemented as part of the charity’s strategic academic research goals. Alternative funding will allow continued growth, ensuring longevity and development beyond the initial £ 4million grant.

In Britain, most research on gambling is currently carried out by a small number of academics and from a social science perspective. However, given the new Hub and its primary prerogative, a wider range of disciplines and academics merged with extensive research into the harms of gambling will be undertaken.

A small number of universities have been invited to apply for the grant. The decision as to who would receive it was chosen by several rankings and those who received high marks in research areas relevant to gambling behaviors and harm prevention. Although the initial approach was to award the grant to a single university, the successful institution will collaborate in a multidisciplinary approach both with itself but also with external parties, including other academics and partners, by working together. focusing in particular on the international aspect of these contributors.

Alison Clare, Research Director at GambleAware, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for a UK university to grow and innovate in a relatively under-studied field, drawing on a range of academic disciplines. much broader than that currently engaged in gambling harm research. With this significant investment, a UK university and its partners will have the opportunity to create a radical shift in knowledge building in a field that connects and overlaps with many other subjects and fields.

“This is a different type of grant for the smaller projects and programs in our current research portfolio, with GambleAware taking a much more independent approach to guiding the area of ​​research. Our main criterion is that universities apply a multidisciplinary public health perspective to justify the research area they have chosen. From our first discussions with selected universities, we expect very creative and innovative proposals at the initial stage of expression of interest.


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