Free college education? Yes, right here at Bladen Community College so eligible



DUBLIN – Free lessons? Here at Bladen Community College?

It’s possible, college leaders want community members to know.

As the campus prepares for Tuesday and Wednesday – assistance is available on these days for those wishing to start the first day of fall classes on August 16 – the possibility of free education is available through the North Carolina Longleaf Commitment Grant.

This grant is for 2021 high school graduates and covers tuition and fees for one of the state’s 58 community colleges. It is not a loan.

Eligible full-time students are guaranteed to receive between $ 700 and $ 2,800 each year for two years; less than full-time students are eligible for a partial scholarship.

There are requirements, which are stated on the website. Among them, it should be noted that eligibility is tied to first-time students, and this includes those who took the Career & College Promise program while in high school.

There is no grant application for this award, but students must apply for college admission and complete the Free Federal Student Aid Application, commonly known as FAFSA.

The attendance time at the college every Tuesday and Wednesday is from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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