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Summer Swimming League (SLS) has covered all of the basics required to run a summer league program or team, and with our Safer Summer Program, you get all of our quality products to help create a safer summer for everyone.

By enrolling in our SLS Safer Summer Program, all swimmers will receive our full insurance coverage, as will all coaches who complete and pass a background check and our Coaching Certification course.

Any volunteer, government official or staff member will be included in our insurance program once they have completed and passed a background check. The cost for our standalone background check is $ 36.

What you get with the SLS Safer summer program

Swimming Coach Certification

Just as swimmers can grow and develop their skills, so can their coaches. Enter the Summer League Swimming Coach Certification Course.

Our course has been designed by experts and is based on the latest research. The course is self-paced and interactive, featuring videos with some of swimming’s most respected coaches and athletes.

The course provides specific advice and techniques from leading researchers in sports and educational psychology. Coaches who complete the course are immediately equipped with the necessary tools to positively impact Summer League swimmers.

Anyone in your program can access the Coaching Course for $ 60. While swimming coaches are the audience for the course, team representatives, parents, and volunteers can also benefit from positive leadership skills.

Quality background checks

Our background checks are advanced level 2 background checks that include:

  • Social security monitoring
  • Search the Government Watch List (OFAC)
  • 50 State Justice Department Sex Offender Registry
  • Search in the national database with validation of the main source
  • Automatic search of current county / state of residence going back 7 years
  • Monthly updates. The information is updated free of charge for you each month for the first year so that you have the added security of monitoring your information for new criminal records.

Comprehensive insurance coverage

Our comprehensive insurance coverage includes General Liability and Additional Accident Protection, Sexual Abuse and Assault Coverage, and Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault False Claims Defense.

As a seasonal sport with many volunteers, the risks of Summer League swimming may not be apparent. That’s why SLS has implemented an insurance program that benefits not only Swimming League members and participants, but also coaches, volunteers, officials and staff. The SLS insurance program is comprehensive in nature and provides protection to athletes when participating in training and competitions and to coaches when providing instruction.

Swimming should be fun, swimming should be memorable, and swimmers should be safe.


When your coaches are certified as Summer League swim coaches and your organization gets leaders with background checks, you can rest easy knowing that you have been provided with top quality role models. for your summer athletes.

Summer League Swimming is a great entry point for kids who still want to be kids. It’s a less demanding, less demanding arena where young swimmers can experience all the sport has to offer while still being able to participate in all the other joys of summer.


Contact Summer League Swimming and let’s discuss what you need to start or save a swimming league / team no matter where you are in the United States. Contact us today.

About the Summer Swimming League

Summer League Swimming is the only organization with a comprehensive youth protection program serving 3-4 million recreational and summer league swimmers, and our decades of experience delivers unmatched quality.



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